Why not try color?

OK I know I said I’d go b&w only…. but never say never!

Olympus XA – Fuji Superia 200

But honestly, this is not really color! It’s a hint of color. So why not get acquainted with color film again in homeopathic doses.

Ricoh Shotmaster Tru-Zoom Date – Take that for a silly name!


I bought a Tetenal Colortec C41 kit and developed 3 rolls of cheapo color film. One Agfa something and two Fuji Superia 200. Not the greatest of films, but just to try out I didn’t want to splurge on that gorgeous and expensive Portra.

Canon A-1 – Fuji Superia 200

At the same time I could try out 2 new cameras… but they will not stay, sad to say. One was a Ricoh Shotmaster Tru-Zoom Date, a terrible contraption that came to me in a mystery camera swap. Too big, too loud… but there were 2 or three pictures on the test roll that were keepers.

Canon A-1 – Fuji Superia 200

The other one was an Olympus XA, the original one, the rangefinder. I said that I’d try one once again and I did. Unfortunately, thought the results were OK, the camera indicated completely wrong shutter speeds in the finder and the meter seemed somewhat off too… So back it went.

Canon A-1 – Fuji Superia 200

So my XA2 does not have to fear anything. It’s still my favourite pocket camera! And now I’ll just stop that buying thing! Over and done with it! Well perhaps a 24mm Canon FD lens….

Canon A-1 – Fuji Superia 200


Canon A-1 – Fuji Superia 200

Thanks for being here!!

8 thoughts on “Why not try color?

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  1. In Nuremberg I pay €2,50 to get a C41 film developed. Don’t you have anything like that in Lux? It certainly saves the hassle.

    Notwithstanding, they are nice pictures!


    1. Thanks Dave.

      Developing is about 6€ here and takes anything from one to three weeks because no lab left in Luxembourg… they send the films out.

      And I secretly enjoy the magic of developing! And even scanning with some good music playing can be fun… no, not really, but it helps!


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