Going completely Analog!

Yes, the moment has come!

A month ago my brother in law…160806-fomapan-100-leica-iiia-009

…gave me his great Omega enlarger with a boatload of stuff. He hasn’t used the gear in the last 20 years, and it showed! So two weeks ago I cleaned everything up thoroughly (noting a happy bunch of fungus growing in the enlarger’s lens…aaaarghhh) and promised myself to go ahead and take the next step –> wet printing!

But I found excuses: I don’t have the room to set up shop, no money to buy the missing stuff, and the time, do you only know how much time that takes?

Bullsh..t! I just ordered the stuff I need, mind you, just the bare necessities! 3 Tubs, the magic juice to mix 1 litre of developer and fixer, some tongs…. and some cheap paper. That’s it!

So now I’m just waiting on Fotoimpex to send the stuff and I’m ready to rumble!

Of course I’ll be annoying you again soon with the report of how went, how I did it and hopefully NOT of how I failed….

To be continued….

8 thoughts on “Going completely Analog!

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  1. Enjoy the journey Frank. When I moved to my current address, I sadly had to let go all my darkroom kit. I miss it now, especially my film tank and chemicals now i’m getting back in to film. I used to enjoy the printing too, although it kept me hiding away in the bathroom for hours on end. Happily for everyone else alternative facilities were available in the house!! I guess I’ll rebuild the darkroom, film processing side first, just to get me going again.

    Thanks for the inspiration from your blog Frank. Between you and Hamish at 35mmc with a pinch of Bellamy, I’m really enjoying my photography again. Coming out of the digital doldrums, (although the equipment does see the light of day and night still). But right now film is where it’s at for me.

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