Generation Art – The Seventh Challenge!

Not much to report this time, as I am more or less out of the loop. Only thing I can report is the developing story as I have watched it on RTL’s broadcast. For those who have the courage to endure half an hour of Luxembourgish 😉16 - Generation Art - Making Of - (7)

So what can I do but show some older ‘Making Of’ photos, whatever they’re worth.

The challenge of the weekend was ‘Fashion Photography’ with everything provided by RTL, the models, the clothing and the locations. To each one to make the best of it. And there were some very fine results again.16 - Generation Art - Making Of - (20)

I’m impressed by the way they adapt to the situations, by the inventiveness some show and of course by the results. Well done, everyone!

This week, TWO candidates had to be been eliminated and the race is getting tough now for the remaining contestants.

Unfortunately, this was the end for Morris and Melody, both of them very great photographers and very great people I enjoyed working with!  Good luck to them for their futures.16 - Generation Art - Making Of - (6)

Well, perhaps in the coming weeks I’ll have more to report and perhaps more insider information.

They are now down to 4, and only ONE challenge, the semi final remains when the three last ones will contend for first place.  I can barely imagine the stress they are under. 16 - Generation Art - Making Of - (9)

So I wish them all good luck and may the best win!16 - Generation Art - Making Of - (22)

Thanks for reading!


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