Generation Art – The Finalists!

At last we know the names of our finalists, who made it through the terrible challenges. Each one of them will see the results of their decisive works from the final exhibited at the Rotondes in Luxembourg City.161220 - Ricoh GR1 - Ilford HP5+ (12)

The final will be broadcast live next Saturday, so even I don’t know who will win first price in the end.

So, who has made it into the final?

In short, it’s

Bruno, doing mainly photography

Roxanne, more at home in the movie world

Yannick, a very talented artist doing crazy photorealistic drawings

Everyone of them deserves to win, honestly.

I put links to their respective internet presence in their names so you can get an idea of what they do when they are not forced to hang around in dusty TV-studios.

161220 - Ricoh GR1 - Ilford HP5+Of course we will all be there during the final, all the failed ones who were deemed unworthy…. just kidding!

And we were there also for this challenge. We were invited to have a little fun and enjoy a meal with the other candidates and the TV crew. What we didn’t know was that we were to give a vote counting towards the selection of the finalists. A very hard task, made even harder by the generally good work they presented.

As you can see, after the hard task of voting, we were eating a quick bite….IMG_0599

Or a bigger one for some.IMG_0602

Anyways, I wish them all the best luck for next week!

As always, the replay of the broadcast can be watched HERE!

Thanks for reading!


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