Generation Art – The Final

Just one photo today, one that represents a great experience in my life:IMG_0465.jpg

No other photos though the final of Generation Art, Photo Edition has just ended with the well deserved win of a great young photographer, Bruno.

His very personal approach to photography, his sensibility and yes, his simplicity has won the day to him… and a nice price of 5.000 Euros.

Not to say the two others were bad! No way, their work was nearly equally great. I even think that form a purely technical point, today Yannick’s photos were the best.

I won’t present any photos here, as I’d only have bad iPhone shots of the works or low res photos from Facebook.

You can see them and get all the details on the ‘Generation Art’ site of RTL HERE!

For those in and around Luxembourg, the winning photos are on show for 2 weeks at the site of the Rotondes in Luxembourg / Bonnevoie.

But what was the subject today? Let’s take a small detour:


The word “photography” was created from the Greek roots φωτός (phōtos), genitive of φῶς (phōs), “light” and γραφή (graphé) “representation by means of lines” or “drawing”, together meaning “drawing with light“.

Drawing with light, and that was the subject the 3 finalists had to play with for their final challenge. Light!

Seems easy, but let’s not be deceived. Light is the basis on which photography stands or falls. And using the light judiciously is very difficult!

They had quite a long time to prepare, in fact nearly from the moment the finalists were chosen to today’s final.

And the challenge was broadcast live, an exciting experience for me too as all the former candidates were invited too.

This time a whole hour had been devoted to the broadcast and there were of course all the things that can happen during live broadcasts. A microphone that developed an urge to travel, instant cameras that refused to fire…. Terrible, as these cameras were supposed to designate the winner.

Being part of such a live broadcast is really intense and interresting.

Well, this is the end of a very great adventure for me. OK, it ended some time ago already for me personally, but I have kept contact with he others, followed their experiences and reported every week faithfully on the challenges.

Now it’s over, a great experience in my life is done, something that has given me a lot of things to ponder. Something that has mad me realise that my photography is not that bad. Something that has given me more confidence in my work.

I hope to be able to continue building on that and to further develop my photography.

Anyways, congratulations to Bruno, but also to both other finalists and of course a big thank you to the crew from RTL who have done a great job in taming an unruly band of young (and not so young) photographers.

Thank you!

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      1. Too bad because that old building has much more charm than their new glass towers. But those that have the money don’t necessarily have the best taste. Anyways they built spanking new glass towers last year and this year got fiscal aid from our government because of heavy losses…. go figure 😯


      2. yep, companies want to have their headquarters that shows success and prosperity…. snobbish (sometimes they cant afforded) …

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