Development gone Wrong

Some time ago I wrote a Blog Post called ‘From the Darkroom Floor‘ where I tell that sometimes you HAVE to scan and use all the frames on your film. You never know what those few messed up things can hide, not from viewing the negative.

But when you mess up a whole roll of film….. bummer! No nice ones to be proud of, no hidden few treasures on the roll, just some underdeveloped mess. 170430 - Canon A-1 - Ilford HP5 (5)

Don’t ask me what went wrong! I shot this roll of HP5 pushed to 3200 ISO (yeah, might be a clue there) and as usual I stand developed it in Rodinal. Never went wrong, never missed…. until yesterday.

Was it the camera…? Don’t think so as I rewound this roll in mid film and finished it in another camera, both known to have worked perfectly before.

Must be the developing. I’m certain I got everything right…. maybe too certain.

Well, no use crying for the lost shots, though…. when I look closely…. Does this smell like abstract art to you?170430 - Canon A-1 - Ilford HP5

Don’t ask what it’s supposed to be, I don’t remember.

And this one… some ventilator grille?170430 - Canon A-1 - Ilford HP5 (2)

Hmm, at least it makes you look twice. Not always like that with my photos, eh?

And how about a haunted road to nowhere amid thunderous skies? I clearly remember this has been shot on a very nice evening, from the car. There was still plenty of light around. But it makes for some creepy picture.170430 - Canon A-1 - Ilford HP5 (03)

And Ye Olde Lamppost, straight out of old London with Jack the Ripper lurking in the shadows…170430 - Canon A-1 - Ilford HP5 (4)

Anyways, the next film was A-OK, something that gives me some hope.

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9 thoughts on “Development gone Wrong

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  1. I rather like 2,3 and 4 myself with the sprocket surge, and especially no. 4
    Maybe a tad lighter at least on my screen, I think that’s one of your best pictures. It ‘speaks’.

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  2. Sorry to read this. Digital does have a few advantages 😉 Perhaps you should use another developer.

    A very similar picture to the first one is hanging in a café in Nuremberg – and the artist is calling it art, so you are in good company! I like the street lamp. I remember them being lit in my youth …

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  3. For something that came out from something ‘wrong’, these images look pretty good. I like the vibe and feel to it. I like the second one best. I’ve been developing my own black and white film since last month, and find it really satisfying, and, dare I say, addictive. I have tried pushing HP5 to 1600 and developing it with XTOL 1:1. I haven’t tried pushing it to 3200 though. Hope it gets better next time 😉

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  4. Again, very atmospheric pictures. The abstract one came out really well, I wouldn’t even guess it’s the result of development gone wrong. The bromide drag adds to the photos as well.

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