Tripping with the Trip 35

I just noticed that since I wrote this post about my ‘new’ Olympus Trip 35 in mid-march I have hardly published anything about it. Just the Castle pics from some days back.

170428 - Olympus Trip 35 - Ilford HP5 (25)

Well, this can be mended! I did indeed use it those last days and the results are quite pleasing… to my humble taste at least. Of course the lens is tack-sharp and can’t be faulted, when my focusing is spot on at least. But zone focusing with this camera is much easier than with the Olympus XA2.

Two reasons for that:

  1. The Trip 35 has 4 clicking focus settings for 1m, 1,5m, 3m and infinity whereas the XA2 has only three at 1,2m, 3m and infinity.
  2. The focusing happens at the right place, on the lens ring and not on a stubby small knob on the front of the camera.
170428 - Olympus Trip 35 - Ilford HP5 (4)

Of course it’s bigger than the XA2 so it won’t be with me quite as often, but it’s still very much coat-pocketable.

As I don’t have a fitting original lens cap I ordered a clipping cap on eBay, that fits the bizarre filter thread of 43,5mm. What’s more, the cap has no logo on it and the plastic front has a ‘leatherette-like’ texture. Looks quite nice. Problem is, the cap does not fit the lens directly as it’s gripping mechanism is too deep and gets in the way of the lens elements. I solved this by adding a 43,5mm UV filter that came with the camera, or rather just the filter ring as I took out the glass – we don’t want to put some cheap glass in front of a great lens, do we?

170428 - Olympus Trip 35 - Ilford HP5 (6)

Added advantage is that the filter ring that’s quite deep acts as a small lens shade. Perfect!

Not quite, as this shade does obstruct the selenium meter cells surrounding the lens a bit, but just a bit. And that’s GOOD! Yes, it makes the meter believe there’s just a tad less light than there is and the camera is over-exposing the film by a small amount. And this is just great as I normally try to over-expose my films to get all those details from the shadows.

170428 - Olympus Trip 35 - Ilford HP5 (23)

All in all the results from this jewel are looking great. Here are some more for you.

170428 - Olympus Trip 35 - Ilford HP5 (7)
Choose Happiness
170428 - Olympus Trip 35 - Ilford HP5 (27)
Stairway to….?
170428 - Olympus Trip 35 - Ilford HP5 (1)
Standing straight
170428 - Olympus Trip 35 - Ilford HP5 (28)
Morlock Hole

Thanks for stopping by!

14 thoughts on “Tripping with the Trip 35

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  1. I am very keen to run some black and white film through one of my Trips but unfortunately 35mm film is a relatively expensive commodity here in Invercargill, New Zealand, and while I could purchase film from overseas (as I have done in the past), the cost of freight then becomes prohibitive. I’ll just continue to shoot color and desaturate if I want black and white, and hopefully I’ll get some photos as good as yours Frank.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! So we just have to wait for film to become as cheap and easily available as in the past. If we believe strong enough it will happen! 😉


      1. Do you always stand develop? No agitation at all or a little in the beginning/ middle? I’m still to try this, gotta shoot a test roll for that.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I just rotate the tank slowly two or three times at start, then one or two rotations at 30 minutes…

        I like the results I get, nice contrast and some additional edge sharpness…but normally not a lot of bromide drag. Don’t know what went ‘wrong’ with this one. Although there were some good ones as it seems.

        Liked by 1 person

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