The latest crop

Definitely some of my best photos happen early in the morning, when I go to work. Before 7 the city is still quiet, the light is great and sometimes all comes together to make a photograph I want to share.FXE14566.jpg

Of course it’s nearly summer  now and even before 7 a.m. the sun is up and it’s quite bright. No more moody shop window shots now.

It’s rather the city park, the buildings in the morning sun, the Early-Morning-Mood.FXE14571

I look for lines, for textures, for stuff that will look good in black and white and really, there’s a lot of that stuff around. Even that hoary old tree makes for an interesting subject.FXE14574.jpg

And then there’s the all times favourite, the walkway to the lift…FXE14573

Don’t ask me what the guy way back there was doing! Head-banging?

That morning light is making my day.FXE14577

And here’s another take at a cool structure, it’s in fact a sculpture, but it always reminds me of the game Myst I played way back when. The color version was taken a week or two ago….. sorry for the color!FXE14575

170520 - Olympus Trip 35 - Fuji Superia 200 (25)

At last, nearly at work….FXE14578

As always, thanks for visiting!

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