Do a good deed today!

Yes, please, do something good and support THIS PETITION to save the magnificent Google NIK Collection of photography tools!

One a commercial software that cost about 500$ and was well worth it, it was acquired by Google in 2012. They did a great job in bringing down the price to little more than 100$. Thanks Google.

Then they did still better and gave away the whole package for FREE!

That really a very noteworthy move. BUT!

There’s a BUT, and a big one! Google decided to stop supporting NIK Collection and it will either disappear or become incompatible with future versions of Lightroom or the various OS’s.

Please help us save this software, make Google see reason and divert a small amount of their considerable power to update NIK Collection!

What better way to convert photos to black and white than using Silver Efex? Just for this one it would be worth saving it.

Thanks for clicking and adding your name to the petition!

14 thoughts on “Do a good deed today!

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  1. It’s all a neolib con to make people become dependent on cloud services. Hang on to your old software, PCs and OSS and be backwards compatible for as long as you can. There’s nothing wrong with it. People only need new computers and software because of internet connectivity. New software is no better than the old and remember the only good ‘free upgrade’ is an airline seat. And that’s coming from someone who was in IT from before www.

    I’m pissed off because Poundland have pulled Agfa Vista again. Not the best film for b/w I know, but it’s cheap. But they didn’t catch me out this time ha-ha as I stockpiled and got a fridge full.

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    1. Well unless you wet print and flatbed scan the prints to get them onto the internet, then software apps are really your convenient quick-and-dirty digital equivalent of the darkroom.

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      1. Yeah if you click on the words “British Journal of Photography” the article should show up. Maybe you can edit the link with and tags as the link doesn’t show as a link maybe it’s a WordPress theme “thing”.

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  2. No! The Nik Collection is a great thing, and Google did a great service by giving it free, but it was too good to be true. I do support it! It’s what I used for my last pic!! šŸ™‚

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