Some from the Streets.

Hello everyone,

I just want to show some photos from the last days, takes with the camera that lives in my pocket… the iPhone.

Definitely the best way to wait for the bus… bring your own chairs! img_0002

By the way, the guys got on the bus WITH the chairs later….

Also waiting for the bus…img_0126

Chosing a pastry is no easy job…img_0149

It’s not all smiles here…img_0441

The nice thing is, the people are not sure you took a photo of them even if you stand right next to them… but that’s something that’s bothering me too. I don’t want to be the creepy furtive photographer.img_0107

Run with the wind!img_0340

All the world in his hand!img_0345

Thanks for visiting!

2 thoughts on “Some from the Streets.

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  1. How are you doing with the Reflecta scanner? I’m contemplating buying one myself and would like to hear your thoughts after some time with it. One detail I’m curious of is if it will scan halfframe/cinema and Robot camera frames (squares)?

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    1. Sorry but I don’t have it any more… not that it was bad. I went back to the cheaper Plustek 8100 because… well I was short some money. So I had to sent it back to Amazon.

      While I had it I was really happy with it. Resolution is a tad better than the Plustek, not much but just noticeable. Of course it does work faster and works all by itself while I could do other things.

      As for half-frame and Robot frames I don’t know. Might work but you’d certainly have to feed the strips manually and adjust the frames.

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