…since my last post!gart2-018

Shucks! Time flies!

And honestly, not much to report in summertime. 170615 - Canon AE-1 - Ilford HP5 (1)

And I’m a bit stuck photography-wise for the moment. There seems to be always something else keeping me from going out with a camera! Just now, during my lunch break it seems that I absolutely have to write a rather insignificant post on my blog instead of making photos… 😉

Call me a lazy old fart and you’re probably right!001-12

So just some photos from the archive for you!

And remember, everything’s….cropped-160603-fomapan-100-olympus-xa2-018.jpg

But don’t worry, some more elaborate posts are in the making. See you back soon with new material!

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  1. Frank do you have any suggestion regarding how to prepare or plan a shooting with just one camera (35mm single lens, digital)? I’ve scouted a place near home I want to shoot but I’m not sure how to get ready for it…it’s been ages since I went out shooting and I feel overwhelmed!

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    1. Ha, you’re asking advice about going out to shoot from a guy currently too lazy to do so!

      Well, anyways, the best is to just do it as they say at Nike. Don’t bother too much about the camera or lens, take the one that’s available, even a cheap point and shoot. As long as you are familiar with the lense’s field of view and if you use film, you are settled on color or black and white, just go out to your location of choice and look. Look with the eye of your lens and you’ll see the photos there for the taking.

      If you bother too much with gear you won’t ever go out and make the shots. If you carry too much gear (lenses) with you you’ll be unable to decide and the results will show it.

      Take a compact camera or an SLR or rangefinder with just one lens! You know what focal length you prefer I hope!

      Some time ago I set out with a 135mm lens and it made me see the usual things in a new light.

      Only thing is to GO OUT (saying this to myself too!), take just ONE CAMERA and ONE LENS.

      If you use digital, restrict yourself further! Use a set ISO speed and a film simulation if your camera has them, and don’t change them. You went for b&w, fine, even if you see a colorful view, too bad! You made a choice!

      Restrict yourself to force the creativity. Try unusual angles, move close, look, think, shoot!

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      1. Thanks! I only have one digital camera with a fixed lens so my options are already shrinked down, but to further limit them by a fixed iso and choice of bw or color is a good idea…at least it sounds good for how I feel at the moment! Thank you again, and GO OUT SHOOTING! 😉

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      2. Thanks, he shouted, grabbing the camera and rushing out the door…..

        But no, lunch hour’s nearly over, the public will invade our office again and no more photos till tonight. Aaaaarrrrgghhhh

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  2. “There seems to be always something else keeping me from going out with a camera!”

    Sounds familiar, ‘yes dear, of course we can go shopping’ …he says with gritted teeth!

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    1. does not shopping give you the opportunity for street photography? Colourful displays of various wares – retailers spend much time and money on research into how to attract your attention (see it, want it, have it). So turn their secret weapon into yours. Take a small camera eg Olympus XA series or olympus mju 2 if want point and poke. Also a spare roll of film or 2 stay alert and have fun. Lets be honest if we can’t make the time then let’s make the most of the opportunities time gives us. Just make sure you keep the credit cards in your wallet!!

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