One question?

Can you tell me which one’s which?

Two sets of photos!

One is film, one is digital….

Some difference in tones, sure, but can you tell?

I’m really interested in the results of this little test.

Here we go:

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Thanks for giving your opinion!

Results….. well, later!

13 thoughts on “One question?

Add yours

  1. First I no not have much experience in shooting in the dark with film, second the resolution of the images is quite low to inspect the differences that appear on the finer scale.

    If I had to put my money on it then I would say that both images with the dress are digital as I could not spot any obvious artefacts.

    But if you insist that one of them is film the my bet is on the 2 as it is overexposed and it is harder to get the right exposure with the film without direct feedback of the digital.

    I also bet that 3rd is film because of the off sky colours mostly.

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    1. But the noise in the sky blue is also strange on the 4th, so that one could be also film.

      So I bet that dress is digital and outdoors is film.

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    2. The above is based on the images only and the only thing I am sure about it based on this is that the 3rd is taken on the film. But if more information is included about the author then we know so far that he has proper film gear and iPhone.

      Shallow depth of field could not have been produced by the iPhone and this leaves only possibility that it should be film. Beside there is a spot in the middle that can be dust on the film during the scanning.

      The 2nd one is then probably the iPhone. This could also explain the over exposure as it is also difficult to get it right with the phone.

      3rd is very obviously film because of the odd sky colour and possibly dust over the trees (unless these artefacts are added intentionally).

      The noise in the sky on the 4th can be also be cause by the small sensor of the iPhone (digital SRL would in my opinion produce much smoother rendition).

      So based on the additional knowledge its probably: 1 film, 2 digital, 3 film, 4 digital.

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  2. I place my bet:
    1 analog, 2 digital, 3 analog, 4 digital

    but I might be mistaken!

    Looking forward to seeing the answers 🙂

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  3. Salut Frank,
    Huelen unn datt 1 an 3 déi analog sinn. Soss hues de dir ganz vill Aarbecht gemach fir ze trucéieren.
    Frée mech ëmmer erem

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