The Dress

Here I present to you two takes of the same photo.

An early morning photo (like so many) of a shop window. same subject, same frame two diagonally opposed interpretations.

Which one do you prefer? Please comment and leave your impressions.

First one is the color version of the dress, with just the right glow to make it shine.FXE10007

But then there’s the black and white version, stark, obscure, revealing just the essential elements of it’s shape but nonetheless giving the right impression of the subject.FXE10007-2

Which one do you prefer? I’d be happy to read your comments and reasons.

Thanks for being here!

4 thoughts on “The Dress

Add yours

  1. Interesting comparison Frank. Given the subject matter I personally prefer the colour photo. The black and white one though has a tantalising, almost voyeuristic approach – is it just a dress or someone wearing it?kind of idea. Each are good photos in their own way. One is self explanatory, the other raises questions in the viewers mind. Both attract attention. Which is what we want as photographers is it not? I am enjoying your current departure in to colour Frank but please do also keep up the lovely black and white shots we have come know and love on your great blog. Different subjects respond to different processes in different ways, but whatever subject or process you pick I enjoy the photos you publish here. Keep up the good work Frank.


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  2. Colour.

    There is not enough of a picture in black and white to merit a high grained version. High grain usually suggests a picture taken at night with not much light. Even in such a case, they don’t always work.

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