Getting ready for Berlin!

Hope that’s enough for two days???image

13 thoughts on “Getting ready for Berlin!

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      1. Thx! But this address is their delivery center that is 2 hours from Berlin. šŸ™‚

        Shop address is Alte Schƶnhauser Str. 32b according to their website.

        Not far from Alexanderplatz.

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  1. only 5 rolls Frank? Will you manage to make that last two days in 3 cameras? Or is this a business trip? Berlin is another city on my bucket list. One day, One day!

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      1. … and XA2 and Leica are manual wind. Not the frightening 4.5fps !!! – 6 seconds a roll . Out of curiosity is the XE1 making an outing to Berlin? Or will the iPhone fulfil your digital needs this trip?

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      2. Be true to your heart Frank. Whatever you decide I’m sure you’ll bring back some great shots. As a Europhile I envy your proximity to all these wonderful locations. Keep up the great blog.

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