The Dress

Here I present to you two takes of the same photo. An early morning photo (like so many) of a shop window. same subject, same frame two diagonally opposed interpretations. Which one do you prefer? Please comment and leave your impressions. First one is the color version of the dress, with just the right glow... Continue Reading →

One Answer… my post of last sunday! First I'd like to address a comment from Kris. I did not use the iPhone for the digital shots but a Fuji X-E1 with my Canon FD 28mm lens, making a nice perfect normal 42mm equivalent on the APS-C sensor. What's more, the old glass gives a less clinical... Continue Reading →

One question?

Can you tell me which one's which? Two sets of photos! One is film, one is digital.... Some difference in tones, sure, but can you tell? I'm really interested in the results of this little test. Here we go: Thanks for giving your opinion! Results..... well, later!


Nothing like  a nice acronym, don't you think so? And anyways, HoToP sounds and looks quite good! But what does it mean? Well it's simply the abbreviation for The Holy Trilogy of Photography What trilogy? Silly question! The trilogy of lenses that should be in anyone's photo bag! And though my fellow blogger Dan James... Continue Reading →

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