What to eat in Berlin?

Nothing photography related today, just a small piece on a place where we had a really memorable little meal in Berlin.

What do you eat in Berlin?

Kasseler mit Sauerkraut? Königsberger Klopse? Kohlrouladen?

Apart that all those things start with a ‘K’ it does not sound too mouth-watering, does it?

No, when you are in Berlin, by all means….. eat Vietnamese!

And when you eat Vietnamese, go to District Môt in the Rosenberger Strasse!IMG_0334

The place is named after a district of Saigon, and when you enter, you feel like having travelled several thousand kilometres in one step.IMG_0333

I’m a great lover of any ‘exotic’ food, I love indian cuisine, genuine chinese, and certainly mauritian dishes, and this was no exception.IMG_0335

Of course the decoration is…. how to call it…. vietnamese! Small rickety tables, plastic stools, a plastic basket on each table, holding chopsticks and the inevitable Sriracha sauce. Paper napkins… sorry, make that repurposed toilet paper rolls in plastic pots.IMG_0331


Yes, genuine, taking it to the top in all the ways. Well, let’s say, even in neglecting the cleanliness a tiny bit… But as an old hand in outlandish street food this does not bother me too much. What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger!

We were eating outside at one of the very low tables, sitting in metal and plastic, very coloured beach chairs. We were having a helluva time! Inside it’s cosy, in a very coloured vietnamese style. Call it kitsch or class, whatever, we felt good in this place.

And the food? It’s genuine too, delicious and rather cheap. In fact it was so good I forgot to take a photograph with the plate still intact… so here’s the carnage:IMG_0332

We had amazing beef and tofu burgers in a steamed bun, grilled chicken feet (yes, chicken feet!) and delicious rolls. When we were finished… we ordered another round of rolls and a delicious dessert of sticky rice with bean paste.

The local beer – not Berliner, local Vietnamese – was delicious on that hot summer evening. Tiger brand, remember!

Homemade lampshades and plastic flowers…. that’s what I call decoration!IMG_0337

The staff is genuine, friendly and helpful in explaining  the dishes. Service is fast, food is good. What more do you want?

Welcome to District Môt, Saigon!IMG_0336

Meet them here: https://www.facebook.com/DistrictMot/

By the way, I’m (unfortunately) not paid by District Môt for this… it’s just that I had a very good time there.

Try it…

4 thoughts on “What to eat in Berlin?

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  1. May not photographic post, but contains pictures – and good ones at that. If the food was as good as the pics sounds like a good meal. Have to look out for Vietnamese food does not seem to have made it this far north yet!

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  2. I don’t think I’ve visited this place but when I met a friend in Berlin last year I are almost exclusively Vietnamese food (and everywhere was great). I’ll have to check this place out next time. 😀

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