Something New

P.S.: I reverted to the ‘old’ style gallery as there were too many inconsistencies with using SmugMug in conjunction with this blog.

Hi all,

I try something new in the GALLERY!  <– click on this link or on the Gallery in the Menu.151231-ilford-hp5-olympus-xa2-021

A link to an album I uploaded to SmugMug. Can you just get back to me and tell me if it’s OK, do you see the photos, the slideshow?

How’s the experience?

I’d really like to have some feedback as the Gallery thingy of WordPress does not really impress me.

Thanks for helping!

21 thoughts on “Something New

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  1. Hi, Frank! Agree with the first comment. A little bit fiddly with flash and high speed on default is a tad too fast for me)) otherwise it loads fast and looks good. well done!

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  2. Using my chromebook, asks for flash to be activated – personally not keen on flash. Many security concerns hence why chrome and a number of other interweb oojamaflip thingies are moving away from it. However if you click on a photo you can scroll through the pictures in a window. This personally I like as you can select the length of time you wish to spend per image, not a fixed timeframe. As ever great images Frank.

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  3. Works for me, I use Linux and no problems with the slideshow or it’s settings. Gallery pretty good too, never looked at Smug Mug before, although in the Gallery, under the listing ”Generation Art – First Challenge” I don’t like the look of that bloke, especially the one sitting in the wheelbarrow! 😀

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      1. It’s when you see someone else in the mirror looking back it gets worrying… anyway, never mind that. How much do you have to pay for this Smug Mug site?

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  4. I worry about Flash too, but I have my iMac set to ask me if I want to trust the particular web site to use it and offers me the option of one time only. That said, it works fine here but I’d have preferred a little more time to look at each photo.

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    1. If you click on the controls on the upper part of the slideshow you can select different speeds. Or you click on the slideshow and can view the images individually…

      Thanks for the feedback!


  5. Default is way too fast. You do not have even a moment to look at the picture. Also you have to hover the picture for the controls – many people would just close the window instead.

    Medium appears to be more or less acceptable speed for me. Enough time to look at the picture and find a way to pause if in need to look longer.

    Also it is a bit of a distraction, I prefer scrolling. That is matter of taste of course.


      1. Maybe you could provide a link for the people who like such thing? I.e. Click for the slide show etc.I guess there are people who like it.

        I think the best would be if you could figure out how to make it nice on the tablet (that is full screen). Perhaps there is a plug-in for that.

        Well, these are just quick ideas.

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  6. Hmm, my Chrome-based browser (Vivaldi) says “this plugin is not supported”, and the game is therefore over before it even started…

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