Something New – back to the old stuff!

Some days ago I asked you HERE about something I tried on my blog, integrating photos uploaded to SmugMug as a slideshow in the gallery part of my site.170923 - Praktica MTL5B -Lomography Lady Grey (24)

Thanks for the numerous comments and for trying it out. It appears that either, the photos are not appearing, not due to SmugMug but when you’re behind a company firewall blocking these sites – anyways, you should work at your jhob, not read silly blogs!

Then again, the default slideshow speed was far too fast and the controls to adapt the speed are a bit difficult to see / operate.

This is NOT to say that SmugMug is bad! Not at all, It’s a very fine and streamlined way to present your work and even, with some luck, sell some prints.

As a result, I returned to the good old WordPress gallery mode. Not perfect but workable!

Just to say again, I have no problem with SmugMug itself… just that integration in this site does not work as smoothly as I’d like.

Thanks again for helping me test this out!

….and thanks for reading!

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