The weather is mocking me!

It’s been cold and wet mostly the weeks prior to my surgery, in my mobile days and now that I’m codemned to sitting at home with a maximum of 10 Minutes of staying upright per hour, the sun’s out and temps will go to an unseasonable 20 plus degrees celsius (68 F).

So I have challenged myself to find photography in the most unappealing place on earth… my apartment.

How to see something worth a frame in a place you have before your eyes all the time?

Of course there’s my lovely wife, notoriously camera shy and there’s Sully the cat…. but as he’s a cat, and the unchallenged ruler of the house I wonder if I will get his consent.

And I might even spice the challenge somewhat. Restrict myself to a specific theme per week! Might be fun, no?

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