No, that’s (unfortunately) not the number of visits on my blog 😉

It’s the serial number of my humble Pentacon 135mm f:2.8 lens. No, not the so called Bokeh Monster, the cheap one.

I didn’t even notice it until I had to take the lens apart to clean the inside elements and to fix the lens shade that moved rather of it’s own will.

Is this the third one ever built? Can’t really find anything and I’ll certainly not blame Google for it’s ignorance on this very uninteresting topic. Anyways, the lens works, is decently sharp or soft, as you like with a non-appealing out of focus rendering. And yes I still don’t like that ‘B’ word though I had to use it above.

What is this about serial numbers? Some, as in Leica’s case help to precisely date anything that left their factory from the Vex beginnings on. For instance my Leica IIIa’s serial number 316428 tells me it was built in 1939. The Summitar lens (936936 – nice one too!) is from 1951 or 1952. All this can be checked here and here for bodies and lenses.

Other makes are more random but sometimes some nice numbers crop up!

Do you have any nice ones? Come on, share with us…

6 thoughts on “1000003

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    1. Not yet…. Films still in the Praktica and Spotmatic. Will post when ready but It will take time. Crutches and cameras don’t play nice together


  1. I researched the lenses mentioned here and I must say that the lens you do not have sounds quite interesting one with its 15 aperture blades.

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      1. A ‘normal’ kens like the Pentacon 50 1.8 should be no more than 25€, normally with a camera attached….

        Some exceptions though such as the so called ‘Bokeh Monster’ 135 f:3,5 with 18 aperture blades.

        Any middle of the road glass… around 20€ maximum 30 If like new….

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