News from Kickstarter…. once again! But this one looks great!Reflex-all-manual-film-SLR-camera2-550x216

After some utterly ridiculous projects launched on Kickstarter, such as the would-be Yashica Y35 faux-film camera….9a874d5f70e8e9948501cf44417d5eac_original

…and other projects trying to claim as their own a very old and tested idea such as the Lab-Box (Agfa Rondinax copy)…bb1a0fe3a59ff229bb9cf036c55422e5_original.png

…and some ‘eternal’ projects such as Ferrania slide film (still waiting for it!)…

…here comes at last something I could imagine to back. Hopefully it will work out and production will be smooth.

Here comes REFLEX, the first brand new SLR camera that will be produced… in fact one of only two SLRs remaining in production today, beside the Nikon F6!

The project and ideas behind it seem well thought out to me. A new SLR Camera combining age-tested stuff like metal build, manual and aperture priority exposure, a vertical metal shutter capable of 1/4000 second with some rather rare but useful features such as interchangeable film backs and yes, something world shattering: An interchangeable lens mount!

Add to that LED light and flash and a rechargeable battery as well as Bluetooth connectivity to transmit shooting data to your smartphone!

The camera comes with an M42 mount so you can use the millions of great M42 lenses that are still around. But you can busyadditional mounts such as Canon FD, Pentax K or Nikon F.

Seamlessly use all your lenses with the REFLEX!

You can read an interview with REFLEX-founder Laurence Von Thomas here on Casual Photophile

The proposed price looks right to me! 350£ for a brand new SLR with those features for early backers, 399£ retail price…. nothing wrong about that.

Hopefully the project gets funded and they don’t run into major roadblocks (and the quality holds up, but the founder in the interview above seems seriously minded enough).

I’ll follow this and perhaps even back it…..

Thanks for visiting!

3 thoughts on “R E F L E X

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    1. But they are not getting any newer and the repair techs are getting older and out of Business too.

      A new camera will be a clear signal to the masses that film is not dead!

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  1. This is a nice innovative design. One of the problems with the 135 roll film is being stuck with the whole roll when you only want to take few pictures at the time. This forces one to use either more film than it is sensible or forces to use inappropriate film for the situation.

    I have solved this by having two similar cameras with different films loaded but a separate back is much more elegant and efficient solution.

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