Paralysis of Choice or why I love Analog

I’ve been reading through my blog today and wanted to share this piece once again.

It might have some good ideas….

Frank Lehnen Photography

I think I finally made out the WHY in! The site’s name came to me as I pondered over really why I like film and it’s gorgeous cameras. It was obvious to me that I loved them, but less obvious to pinpoint the reason to it.AE-1

A word of warning first! I am not a luddite by any means. I love my iPhone, I love my computer and use them daily with great pleasure. I love the convenience of having access to virtually all the world’s knowledge, facts, and even ‘alternate facts’ according to some strange individuals, at the tap of a finger, anywhere! When in man’s history has this been possible?

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  1. I logged in to Amazon to order David Sax’s “The Revenge of Analog” referenced in the original article. What pops up? The Kindle version!

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