Stretching Time !

I have found a most marvelous way to stretch time!

Enjoyed a nice moment? Great! now you can stretch it out nearly to infinity! There’s just some small bugs I’ll have to work out….

Main trouble I got is that as of today it only works with unpleasant time. So that sucks but I’m hopeful that I can get this right, probably in version 2.0.

By the way, may I introduce my best friend, Sully the cat. Doesn’t give a damn about my problems…171115 - Pentax Spotmatic SP1000 - Fuj Superia 400 (11)

OK, back to serious!

I’ve never felt weeks to be as long as the past 5. Try sitting at home forbidden to walk around, with your foot in a plaster cast and nice, hurting operation scars underneath. Pure fun!

So I try to pass time as well as possible. I built my HQ on the living room couch, with most important things in life in easy reach.171115 - Praktica MTL5B - Fuj Superia 400 (18)

TV remote, computer, scanner, negatives folder and cameras….. As for the beer, it’s in the fridge which gives me some well needed exercise! Imagine, 4 meters both ways to get a cool beer! I’m an accomplished long distance walker now.

The worst is to see the leaves turning flamboyant outside, the autumn sun shining low through the branches, golden hours…. and not be able to go out with a camera. That’s a wasted autumn for me.

171115 - Pentax Spotmatic SP1000 - Fuj Superia 400 (16)
I have a tilted view of autumn for the moment… and sorry for the light leak.

So all that leaves me is to print, massively! Iprint lots of nice 6×4’s.171115 - Praktica MTL5B - Fuj Superia 400 (11)

And of course I streamlined my photo library on the Mighty Mac Mini. Got everything running as it should now.

And I can fondle my cameras all day long! But in the beginning, I intended to use this time to do some photography at home, to challenge myself to find interesting things….

I did not factor in boredom! I am utterly unable to find anything even marginally interesting around me.

Should I be concerned when things like these suddenly seem worthy of a shot?171115 - Praktica MTL5B - Fuj Superia 400 (13)

171115 - Praktica MTL5B - Fuj Superia 400 (14)

171115 - Praktica MTL5B - Fuj Superia 400 (10)

And no, I have NOT read that one twice!171115 - Praktica MTL5B - Fuj Superia 400 (8)

Just kidding around with those macro rings on my Pentacon lenses!

What is happening to you if even a dishwasher seems to have a certain sex-appeal?171115 - Praktica MTL5B - Fuj Superia 400 (20)

And there’s the flowers, they are patient, they don’t complain!171115 - Praktica MTL5B - Fuj Superia 400 (9)

171115 - Praktica MTL5B - Fuj Superia 400 (17)

171115 - Pentax Spotmatic SP1000 - Fuj Superia 400 (14)

Developing these two films was a chore. Even gathering the stuff I needed while stalking around on crutches was…. acrobatic, yes, that’s the word.

And I guess my developer was a bit off as I have a nice reddish cast in all the frames. So much for color development at home. Guess I’ll leave that to the lab next time.

All this stuff was made with my Praktica MTL5B and Pentax Spotmatic SP1000 on Fuji Superia X-Tra 400 film.

I count the days by the number of injections I make each evening…. And here’s another shot wasted!171115 - Pentax Spotmatic SP1000 - Fuj Superia 400 (22)

Now I’m afraid that you are as bored as I am…. Sorry for that!

And thanks for visiting.

3 thoughts on “Stretching Time !

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  1. I feel your pain … literally. I was laid up for a few weeks in 2014 after foot surgery. I bought a cheap film-digital digitizer that could deal with all the 126 and 110 negatives I had from childhood, and digitized every last frame.

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  2. Hi Frank,

    I invite you into an adventure.

    I got a large format reflex camera for myself and now got some additional film holders (the setup came only with a single holder) including a 6×9 roll film holder.

    The description of the roll film holder states: “es ist noch ein Film geladen” … So what could it be? Are you in to solve this mystery?

    When you are then you can leave me your contact details by commenting in my newly created blog.

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