From a roll of HP5…

Just a short one today! Just a selection I shot on HP5 last April. Of course the camera was Oskar the Leica IIIa. The lens was my nice Summitar 50mm f:2.0. It's not a sharp lens, it flares, is renders harsh light in some dreamy way, but I quite like it. Some might say it... Continue Reading →

Must it be in Black and White?

I can't seem to get off the 'Street Photography' wagon right now that I'm still sitting at home, nursing my slowly healing foot... no way to get out and about with a camera. Anyways, it's raining cats. dogs and other strange things so I'm not too tempted today. But while I wrote Saturday's post, a... Continue Reading →

Street Photography

There has been a lot of talk about Street Photography in the past months. What's the legal situation? Can we? No? Why? Where? In fact the situation changes from country to country. Not very helpful. Are you trespassing the law the you take a photo of a street scene in Paris? In Luxembourg? Do you... Continue Reading →

How Much is Too Much?

I admit, I'm as guilty as anyone I will accuse in this post! I'm guilty of tinkering with my photos digitally until they please me. Who doesn't? Way back when the Darkroom was still king, photographers tinkered with their photos too. They dodged and burned, chose a certain paper gradation to get the contrast they... Continue Reading →

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