I want to ride my Bicycle…..

Just to quote Queen!

140318 - Olympus Trip 35 - 20
Olympus Trip 35

I don’t know what it is but those bicycles have always held some appeal for me, photographically speaking. Of course I’m not riding one myself. Not the very sporty guy. I prefer walking, prefer it by far.

Perhaps I should see some shrink, but the forms and structures of those contraptions make me press the shutter button quite often.

170106 - Leica IIIa - Ilford HP5 016
Bikes in the snow – Leica IIIa

And it does not matter if I have color or black and white film loaded, a bicycle always seems to be a good subject when shot in it’s natural habitat.

Here in Luxembourg, bike theft has become a rampant plague. Of course the first ones to go are the expensive electrical bikes. But no bike is safe from theft.

161201 - Ilford HP5+ - Ricoh GR1 - 011
Ricoh GR1

Explaining the sturdy, reflective anti-theft chain, shining in the glare of my flash.

Of course, bikes have become more plentiful with all the ecologic advances and the real push for a saner traffic in the cities. This went even so far as to the last minute creation of a gorgeous suspended bike path under the over 100 years old bridge, linking the main parts of Luxembourg City.

170927 - Olympus XA2 - Kodak T-max 400 (9)
Olympus XA2

It was not planned at first during the renovation of the bridge but was added as an afterthought upon the lobbying of some bicycle fanatics. Well done!

170722 - Canon AE-1 - Fuji Superia 200 (16)
Olympus XA2

As I said, black and white or color, it doesn’t matter. They are always nice to look at.

Sometimes, even the bicycles seem to be abandoned. This one was left and forgotten for weeks…. Nobody to help it get up.

160106-Superia X-Tra400 - Lomo LC-A017
Lomo LC-A

The bicycles have come to belong to the city and more and more are seen about. A nice change I think as the car traffic is slowly getting very obnoxious in Luxembourg. The city is quite small but during rush hours it’s completely blocked by the traffic.

170101 - Contax Tvs - Ilford HP5 - 016
Leica IIIa

Why not get the cars out of the city, at least out of the centre? Why not do even more to give us back a clean, quiet city with pedestrians, bicycles and public transport…

161201 - Ilford HP5+ - Ricoh GR1 - 005
Ricoh GR1

Might be one day this will become real. And we can really enjoy a beautiful city, both historic and modern, all crammed in in some few square kilometers.

Until then, I’ll continue to prowl the streets and find some bikes to make photos of…

161201 - Ilford HP5+ - Ricoh GR1 - 030
Olympus XA2

Thank you for stopping by!


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  1. You know you don’t have to be sporty to ride a bike; it’s just another method of getting around 🙂
    A nice selection of images and I too find them appealing subjects I think its the uniformity of their design; there are differences but (for the most part) they follow the same design they have for a hundred or so years and that makes them kind of timeless.

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