Three years already!

It’s been three years today that I started this blog!

Very few posts at first, then I picked up steam and got into the habit and have published about 260 posts more or less regularly.

I think I have not bored anyone to death until now, so I think I’ll continue.

Here’s one photograph from the very first roll of film I shot after gradually going back to film from digital. It’s from the 4th of January 2013, early morning around 7h30… bloody cold!

130104 - Canon AE-1 - 4.jpg
2013 – Shot on a Canon AE-1 with the 50mm f:1.8

My first blogging steps were still 2 years in the future!

My very own decisive moment came when I realised that the Fuji X100 was only a sorry excuse for me not to use film again! Slowly but surely I found my way back to film, through a lot of stupid buying and selling of gear, through a lot of bad decisions and changes of mind.

In the course of those three years I have gathered way over 43.000 views. Small change compared to other blogs and sites, I know,  but I have found a number of trusty followers on whom I can count to give me some useful feedback and advice.

My blog went from 540 views in 2015 to over 10,000 in 2016 and over 31,000 last year. Small change it’s true, but it gives me the feeling that I don’t do this work for nothing, that there are real people out there who like what I write and who appreciate my photos.

I’m not one to chase ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ normally (opted out of Instagram and tuned down Facebook to a minimum background noise), but it gives me a bit of satisfaction.

GArt4 - AE-1 B -010 (1)
2016 – Canon AE-1 on Ilford HP5 @ 3200 ISO

I also found lots of sites and blogs I visit regularly and leave comments. Thank you for your work too! You inspire me with your writing and your photography. You make me think about the purpose of my photography and make me grow up and get a feel for my capacities and my limitations.

Speaking of limitations, those three years have brought me from the digital Fuji X30 I used for my very first blog post to a life of pure, frugal film photography. Silly, you might say, but I strongly feel that the limits that film imposes on my work make me grow faster and make me do better things. The simpler the cameras I use, the more I like my photos.

Now that I pared down my cameras to just three, the Leica IIIa, the Pentax Spotmatic and the Olympus XA2 I seem to have found the sweet spot of my own photographical journey.

160902 - Fomapan 400 - Leica IIIa - 014
2017 in Berlin… totally staged for my Leica IIIa

You come from 91 different countries on our small planet, some with lots of visits (Thank you United States, Great Britain, Luxembourg and Germany – in this order…) and some with far less frequent visits (Uruguay, Nigeria, Angola, Jordan, Pakistan and lots of others with the occasional, very welcome visit!).

160730 - Superia 200 - Lomo LC-A - 014
2016 – Lomo LC-A…. one camera I might add to my toolbox again!

I want to thank every one of you out there for visiting regularly and I promise (or threaten?) to continue with my posts. I hope you will find some things of interest in my ramblings and I hope to hear from you too!

I wish you all a happy new year, and a lot of success with your photography!

Thank you so much!


14 thoughts on “Three years already!

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  1. Happy New Year from across the North Sea on “Blue Monday”.

    I started up my blog on here again recently and yes, it’s can feel struggle given the comparatively few “reads” and views that one gets (hardly any in my case at the time of writing) for the amount of time and effort you put into it – especially shooting film like we do. And everyone seems to be using Instagram now. But it’s all a question of perception though, those likes really mean nothing. In fact really they’re a form of advertising. On the other hand writing a blog can help reveal more about the ideas behind the images you choose and give shape to the direction or quandary you’re in at a particular moment in time, so it also works as a diary. So if sometimes you feel you’re writing for yourself, fear not – you probably are! 😉

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  2. Well done Frank. You have posted much more in your three years than I have posted to my blog in 4 years. So my goal this year is to up my game. Maybe I’ll use your continuing good work as inspiration. Cheers, Rick

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  3. Keep up the good work Frank. I always enjoy your posts, and especially your photos. There have been thought provoking articles (accompanied by great photos) and I always look forward to new posts and comments on existing articles. It has given me food for thought and some great ideas and advice. Even latterly when you have been less mobile. (How’s the recovery going?) Spring is just around the corner and I am looking forward to the longer days and lovely low angled sunlight. I hope to share more of my work in 2018 somehow.

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  4. Well done! I’m an anti-social media type, no twitter, facebook or instagram. But I do look forward to checking the excellent photography blogs on WordPress. My own blog is just something I dabble with but it does force me out with a camera, which is the whole point I guess. Anyway, carry on carrying on 😀.

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  5. Camera time is something I just don’t get a lot of at the moment. It’s dark when I leave and dark when I get back home from work, so in the meantime until the sun comes back I have your blog to look forward… come to think of it, you know this might mean a life sentence for you and your keyboard!

    All the best Frank.

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