Cold and Dark

So some of you wanted me to make more snow photos in the comments to this post

Of course I will comply. I will do anything for you… within limits. And the limits were quite surpassed this morning.IMGP4594

A QUARTER PAST SIX, MINUS 7 DEGREES Celsius… Imagine that, you sent me out in the dark and cold. You made me do this!IMGP4598

And I still don’t like winter. Give me the sun and a balmy breeze any day and I’ll be happy. But THIS!IMGP4593 (1).jpg

This is definitely not for me.

But anyways, they are black and white, they show great contrast and I’m quite happy with them. I know my acceptance threshold is quite low. That’s why I get quite a lot of keepers. But as long as I’m happy with them…. IMGP4601

Heard we’ll get more snow tomorrow… Good it’s Friday, The weekend is near and I’ll drawn under my blanket and hibernate.IMGP4600

Hey, did anyone of you play Myst and Riven way back when? Does this remind you of something?IMGP4599


Only on Riven, it’s warmer, and there’s the sea…

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9 thoughts on “Cold and Dark

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  1. Frank, glad you’re finding beauty in the cold! It was minus four here this morning, but bright and beautiful with it.

    Are these with the K10D? Might be my eyes but most of them seem slightly out of focus, or rather the part in focus is further away that I anticipate it being?

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    1. Yes, the last pictures with the K10D. Back to the seller it goes. Thanks to eBay’s return policy.

      Can’t focus that darn thing even trying hard. It’s better with the 55 Takumar than with the 50 PK but not good. Explains the poor focus….

      Packed my Spotty for tomorrow….


      1. That’s so annoying, sorry you got a dud one because they are lovely cameras. Though to be honest I haven’t really touched mine in the four months or so since getting the Ricoh GRD III then Pentax Q. Will be interesting to see if spring colours encourage me to break out a DSLR again…

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  2. So you’ll be going out in it again, good… winter sunshine and snowy scenes always look good, and Leica IIIa’s don’t suffer with the cold, no battery!

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