Winter is Fading…

Seems that at last this wet and sloppy winter is starting to go away.FXE11811

Of course it will try to show that it’s still with us for some time, but it’s certainly on the way out.

What we are left with is a long row of wet, cool soggy days… But then, spring will be along. Hopefully soon.

What’s strange with winter, this one at least, is that the few times I could go out and make some photos, I used color.FXE11810

Color in winter? Why, oh why you might say. Why not stick to black and white?

Well, I feel that black and white is much better suited to strong light and harsh contrast, something that we have missed the whole time. Grey skies, rain, some days of snow… that was our lot this winter.FXE11807

Gloomy, isn’t it. But I like winter in color! Well, what color there is.

By the way, I love that great Takumar 28mm f:3.5!FXE11816

So, that’s it for today. No long, rambling stuff. Just the essential!

I’m still recovering from the flu which I survived like a real man… complaining and moaning!

Thanks for stopping by!

7 thoughts on “Winter is Fading…

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  1. Up North (of England) we have a saying: “Ne’er cast yer clout ’til May’s owt”. Translated this means never take off any clothes (extra jumpers etc) until the end of May. I think I was in the sea in Easter week last year!

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  2. Same here in US Frank, we had a week of below zero temps! Glad to hear you are on the mend, always enjoy your photos.

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  3. Is the preference for colour in winter psychological? Looking forward to the colours of spring and summer once again. Although low raking winter sunlight is great for bringing out textures in photos don’t you think. It has and almost 3D quality to the light. Or maybe that’s psychological too. Any thoughts?

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    1. Yes, forgot about the glorious low winter sun… guess I didn’t see enough of that this year. I just thing the muted colors, grey skies and all round wetness suit color better…

      Now autumn colors are great too, and the greens of spring… Hey, I might be on the way to shoot much more color in the future. Let’s see…


  4. Haha! You make it sound like there was more snow than you managed to capture here! 😉

    But I think that these pictures would also suited black and white. Perhaps with a bit help in the contrast though.

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