He’s Back!

Yes, one more cheer for good old Kodak!

They bring back T-max 3200.

In fact a 800 ISO film that can be easily pushed to 3200 ISO and even more.

Seems that for every film Fuji is axing, Kodak brings one back.

Read more HERE on emulsive.org!

As Droopy used to say:

‘You know what, I’m happy’

6 thoughts on “He’s Back!

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  1. It’s of course welcome news but now all the shops have all gone and nearly no-one makes new analog cameras anymore I do hope it will be affordable to us poor enthusiasts who can’t reclaim it as an expense item. They were short-focused to have de-tooled in the first place. I mean look how much processing equipment must have been scrapped, jobs gone, expertise lost… etc. Economies of scale – Grrrrr!

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    1. Anyways the mega production units are completely unsuited to today’s film market. Unless perhaps for Kodak who still produce movie film.

      The producers will have to do like Ferrania and use smaller units to produce film.

      Prices will not be cheap but we’ll manage to afford film…. mostly.

      As for the shops… if the photography shops don’t get the hint and stock film at market prices there’s the online shops that do!

      Cameras…. well that one’s tougher but I am optimistic that we’ll see new cameras or even old ones getting back in production. At reasonable prices!


  2. I like your optimism Frank. I live not far from their former headquarters, hard to imagine how such a group of highly intelligent folks could make so many awful decisions. Same for Polaroid, and all the employees got shafted in the bargain. I try to support the new Kodak even though it is very expensive here…F. Fuji.

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  3. After a long time one good idea ! And i still wait for there best film ever, the TECNICAL PAN Ortho Film , to develop with for example Tetenal Docu ….
    Kind regards, Jürgen

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