My Life without Facebook?

Mark Zuckerberg has got a problem.facebook-thumb-down

Well, he’s got more problems those last weeks, but there’s one more that I add to his woes.

With all the crap happening around Facebook and all the time I lose with it, I’m seriously thinking about leaving. What holds me back? What is still keeping me from slamming the door? Not sure he’ll notice me leaving. 😉

In fact, I’m currently trying to evaluate:

  • What I use it for?
  • What Facebook is doing for me?
  • How much does it annoy me?

Those are the three question I’ll try to address in this post.160730 - Superia 200 - Lomo LC-A - 014

Let’s start with the first one! What do I use Facebook for?

The easy answer is, I use it to channel more visits to my blog. Period, that’s all! Supposedly….

Seems that’s not a very good and healthy idea, according to this post on C.J. Chilver’s blog!

I have seriously reduced my visits to Facebook those last months. I just have my blogposts reposted to my Facebook page and after publishing stuff I hop over to Facebook to share it to some groups I’m subscribed to. Well, I try to just do that but often I find myself entangled in Facebook’s web and after fifteen or twenty minutes I have to forcefully drag myself away from the crap I read.

The second questions is related: What does Facebook do for me?

Who is not happy with lots of traffic on his site? What blogger does not try to attract ever more readers? I know it’s not about numbers, it’s not about clicks and visits and likes. If that was my goal I’d use Facebook and Instagram and all the other Twitters much more.170901 - Olympus XA2 - Lomo Lady Grey (4)

What I’m looking for is to have a circle of people I can deliver things of interrest to. If a nice discussion starts after a certain post I’m more than happy. Seeing that people actually read what I write makes me happy. I hope it makes you happy too…

Of course I check the numbers ever so often. But are they really important? Not that much! So let’s just say that the number of visits is important. How much traffic does Facebook generate for my blog? Here the WordPress statistics are a great help.

In 2017 I have totalled 31482 visits on my blog. The ‘Referrers’ section tells me that of those, 1518 persons clicked over from Facebook. That’s about 4,8%.

For 2018, up to now I see about 3,5% of referrals from Facebook. In 2016 I tally 7%. Honestly, I thought it would be more.

So this will not hold me back!170422 - Olympus XA2 - Ilford HP5 (22)

Are there other benefits for me in Facebook? Stuff like keeping in touch with folk… I prefer doing it directly if needeed. Buying and selling (photo-) stuff… There’s eBay!

As for the ‘Followers’ on Facebook… thanks folks, but if you want, follow my blog. As an aside, when hearing of ‘followers’ I have a picture in mind of a bunch of people trudging behind me….

So I guess I don’t really need Facebook…..

Last question: How much does Facebook annoy me?


I recently cleaned up my phone, deleting any apps that steal my time. YouTube is gone now as I got really sucked in some days and binge watched stupid stuff. Instagram is only a distant memory too.

Now I said that I just hop over to Facebook to re-post my stuff to some groups…. but no only. The Facebook app shows me regularly that new stuff has arrived and I just can’t keep from  looking what it is. And then of course I see some nice analog camera for sale, and I click on to other stuff and I lose precious time.170901 - Olympus XA2 -Fuji Superia 200 (30)

I hate myself for that, but I can’t stop it.

I don’t know how many times I check that darn phone and get sucked in. That’s enough!

Last, let’s not even go into the privacy stuff, the addiction that Facebook represents. As for privacy, it’s of course up to you to tell the worls more or less about your life. I’m amazed about what people post sometimes. But as we all know, Facebook is incredibly busy gathering our data, profiling us and targeting us with ads and other crap.

Definitely not a good thing.

So I think my decision is made. This will probably be the last thing I post on Facebook. Sorry, Mark Z.

As for the nice people who ‘follow’ me there, why not visit directly.170821 - Canon T90 - Ferrania P30 Alpha (10)

Now I heard that leaving Facebook might be difficult. You can deactivate the account but that won’t delete all the data of course. Getting dear Mark to really delete your stuff is much harder as it seems.

I’d be happy to hear your opinions. Can you live without Facebook? Is there life out there? Or do you think I will slink back after some time and resume my Facebook ‘reality’?

Anyways, this is just my opinion and I thank you for reading this!

44 thoughts on “My Life without Facebook?

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  1. I’ve gone as far as deleting FB from my phone. That cuts 60-70% of my usage on the site.

    But there really are some people I’m happy to be connected with via FB, and so I remain.

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  2. I rarely use FB now, got fed up with all the political crap. Only go on to see if any bands are playing if I’m in the mood for live music. Much prefer WordPress and instagram.

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  3. On Facebook you are the product. You get a free service and Facebook gets your data which it sells to anyone interested. It is that simple. Cambridge Analytica is part of this method.

    There are certainly alternatives to Facebook. On a free and commercial level there is Google+ which also uses your data. If you don’t want your data sold, there is Ello, the “Creators Network” ( and Diaspora ( For the latter you can also run a node as it is a decentralised network.

    I am personally no fan of FB. However, many of my relatives are there and it is one of the ways of keeping in contact with them. That said, I do post elsewhere and I know what not to post on FB.

    As to time-wasting. I am quite prone to leaving my mobile at home when I go out, especially when I am with my girl-friend. Even if I do have my mobile with me, I also take a book. Journeys go so much faster with a book – assuming I am not looking out of the window and considering what photo to take next …

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    1. It’s the time-stealing of Facebook that bothers me the most…. but not for long any more.

      And a book is always in my photo bag. Or a Kindle…


  4. Hey Frank,
    Ich quit Fb 4 years ago and what am I missing? Nothing to be honest. Yes, You only deactivate your account, but the longer you wait, the worse it gets.

    However, I stopped by to say thanks for inspiring me to start a blog, quite similar to yours, myself. Maybe you find some time to stop by:

    Greetings from right across the border,

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  5. Mr. Sugar Mountain’s app – do photography?
    think if you delete all your posts and unfriend all your “friends”

    #Oh, to live on Sugar Mountain
    With the barkers and the colored balloons
    You can’t be twenty on Sugar Mountain
    Though you’re thinking that you’re leaving there too soon
    You’re leaving there too soon#

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  6. Sorry, the phone keyboard jumped before I’d finished that. I meant to say do people really use that thing for photography? The song lyrics came to mind.


    1. Guess not, but they use it for anything else it seems. Above all to expose their small lives to anyone who will look… and then they complain when I make a photo of them in the streets, ha!

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  7. Never really got in to facebook. I did have an account years ago but when a serious data breach occurred and private info became public on timeline I pulled the plug. Never looked back since. Have twitter and instagram – don’t post much but do look at posts of others – generally film photography related. Do I miss facebook – No.

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  8. I’ve never bothered with ”Face ache” Never tried it or used it, and cannot understand why the sheep of this world all have to ‘follow’ or ‘like’ one another for simple every day things.
    Instagram and Flickr, I do have, but I only ‘follow’ or in my case look up those I consider to be good at what they do and maybe comment.
    Facebook is what the wife does, keeps her happy I suppose!

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  9. That’s the other thing, they like people they’ve never met, count their status on how friends they have on Face ache, real or not. You wouldn’t walk up to someone in the street and tell them your going to like them plus your going to follow them… they’d think your bonkers!
    Perhaps I’m getting old but Facebook users to me just seem to be preoccupied to know what everyone else up too, face glued to the screen, no matter what their doing, day or night, looking to see whats the latest fads are, and seem unable to see and live the real world around them.

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  10. I don’t use Facebook for anything related to my photography or blog, I have it purely to keep in contact and occasionally share moments with my family back home and friends who use it a lot. I can probably count with my fingers the number of posts I have put on there this year.

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  11. Good for you Frank. I am on it minimally, under an assumed name to keep up with some groups I like only.
    A friend isn’t someone who clicks “like” on FB, a friend is someone who helps out when you are ill, and shares ideas and feelings.

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    1. Sorry, meant to add that it is indeed a pain to actually delete your account, but a search for “facebook delete account” takes you there.

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      1. Yes, it’s a pain, not obvious at all. But it’s doable with some help from Google.

        But then again the account is not deleted right away for some reason. It’s not accessible but actual deletion takes anything from 2 to more weeks…. WHY??


      2. Why? To give you time to cave in to withdrawal and sign back in. It takes discipline not to succumb. This also disturbs me greatly.

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      1. On newer phones, you can’t delete the app: it’s built in. You can only go into settings and disable it. This says something to me, and it’s not particularly nice.

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  12. Gudde Moien HĂ€r Lehnen,

    Ech war nach nie bei Facebook oder engem aneren “unsocial network”, ech brauch keen dee mech liked oder soss irgendee Virtuelle Frendeskrees. Ech hun emmer nach am lĂ©ifsten persĂ©inleche Kontakt mat dene Leit dĂ©i ech kennen oder dĂ©i mech kennen, an SchrĂ«ftverkĂ©ier iwer ee Blog hun ech ausser mat Eech och keen. Et steht fir mech awer nĂ€ischt am Wee dass mir eis och eng KĂ©ier kinnte persĂ©inlech treffen a kennelĂ©ieren an iwert eis sĂ«lwerbasĂ©iert Fotografie schwĂ€tzen :-).
    Ech gin mat all dem Online-Verkéier an Datenklau emmer méi mësstrauesch, dofir hun ech bis haut och nach emmer e-banking refuséiert well ech dem ganze Sëcherheetsgeschwafels vun de Banken nit vertrauen.

    Ech hu mech lo tatsĂ€chlech mol mussen informĂ©ieren wat iwerhapt mat Facebook lass ass, nodeems ech Äeren Blog hei gelies hun.

    Ech hun bis haut nach keen FB gebraucht, an ech liewen awer nach :-)!

    Ech froe mech heinsdo selwer wat mir frĂ©ier als Kanner gemeet hun fir eis ZĂ€it emzekrĂ©ien, an dat ouni Smartphone! Eis Enkelen mengen mir kĂ©imen vun enger anerer Welt wann ech dovunner schwĂ€tzen dass mir keng PC’en an Handyen a Smartphone kannt hun an eis MusĂ©k op Compact-Cassetten a grouse schwarze Placken gelauschtert hun!

    Mir fÀllt fir Eech just nach den Titel vun The Clash an: Should I stay or should I go?

    Bescht Gréiss a bis demnÀchst,


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    1. Merci fir de Kommentar! Wei gesot, ech haat mech bei deem Facebook ugemĂ«llt bei dĂ€r RTL Geschicht vum lĂ€schte Joer fir do au Courant ze sin… An dunn hun ech emmer mei gemierkt dass Facebook mir massiv Zeit an Nerven geklaut huet.

      Elo ass d’Mooss voll an ech sin ganz zefridden mat menger Decisioun!

      Freier war net onbedingt alles besser mee op alle Fall mei einfach an manner Saachen dei ooflenken an verfeieren.

      Elo fehlt just nach e Plakkespiller…. 😉


      1. VlĂ€icht brĂ©ngt den Ouschterhues een? 😉

        Ech hun mer d’lĂ€scht Joer ee Neie kaaft, di aal Scheiwen opzelĂ©Ă«n an ze lauschteren ass ee Genoss :-)! Ech sin nit nĂ«mmen an der Fotografie e Retro, mee och an der Musik an beim Liesen, ee gutt Buch am Grapp ass emmer nach eppes SchĂ©ines!

        SchĂ©in Ouschteren fir Eech an Äer Famill, ob mat oder ouni Plackespiller ;-)!


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