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  1. Can’t help but think of The Beatles. I’m not much of a fan but just reminds me of that album cover.

    I like that there’s no description or words about the kit used. I’m moving towards this too.

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    1. I think you had the right idea to publish just a photo, no frills. Anyways, the gear is of no interest when you think about it.

      Hope I’ll be able to keep this up.

      As for the Beatle’s thing there’s one thing I regret. Some months back I went to get the croissants one Sunday morning and i saw four people crossing the road, each trailing a suitcase… I’ll always regret I had no camera with me, not even t(e iPhone.

      Abbey road with suitcases… would have been a blast.


      1. That would have been a cool image. I’m not one for spontaneous “decisive moment” shots but it’s fun when we have a chance to capture them. (On a related noted, my Xperia phone I have set up so from sleep a simple double press of the power button wakes it up in an instant straight into camera mode – as quick as anything I’ve used…)

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      2. Not even the iPhone! I thought that went with you everywhere. If it doesn’t then you should at least have the XA2!

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      3. For once the XA2 had stayed home and the time to get the iPhone out of my front pocket and turned on they had crossed the street already… No photo


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