Small Pleasures!

Why do I like my Leica IIIa, despite all it’s shortcomings?

It feels good, makes me want to make photos and above all it’s quite compact for a pro-grade camera. Unlike my Spotmatic…

But still it’s not really pocketable, even the IIIa with the collapsible Summitar.

Anyways, I like small cameras and specially the very small ones – looking at you, XA2!

Now I know that I said that I was down to just three cameras, but sometimes you can’t just pass up on a great deal. I managed to get hold of a Pentax MX, a camera that has always intrigued me.

It’s debut was just year or two after the diminutive Olympus OM1 and I guess the guys at Pentax were challenged to trump the dimensions of the OM1. But not only the dimensions. They also tried to equal or surpass the sheer mechanical goodness of the Olympus.

Did they manage? How small did the MX turn out to be? How good is it?

I’ll try to answer there questions here.

First, let’s talk about size. I don’t have an OM1 any more so I can’t vouch for the comparision but there are pictures around that clearly show the size advantae of the MX.

Not my photo…

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