Morning, Fog

Early morning!

I convinced myself to have a camera in hand (even the lowly iPhone), and as if by magic, the photos appear!

I guess it was just a question of persevering, of forcing myself to see again.

Anyways, here are some new photos at last!

Hope this keeps working now. I promise to do my best (or my worst) and get to work to waste those rolls of film!

Thanks to all of you who chimed in with valuable advice and to all of you who waste time on my blog!

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  1. Well I wouldn’t call the iPhone “lowly”, it’s a jewel of pocket sophistication, well at least my old one is 🙂 It’s the ultimate in “technological minimalism”.

    But I know where Pavel is coming from (comment on previous post), why bother with film cameras when it’s so easy with an iPhone or digital or whatever. Then ultimately one ends up digitising the pictures to put them online because after all, what does one do with photographs except put them on the internet?… and why bother wet printing when you can use a cheap home printer…. So why bother with film and old film cameras? Onward into the future, etc.

    But then if it’s easy to do I say why bother at all? Seriously, where’s the challenge? Might as well use a digital point-and-shoot. There’s even an iPhone app that does your composition for you. I’m not saying I don’t like my iPhone and my digital cameras. But it’s the very simplicity of the act with all that easy sophistication behind it that gets you the “perfect picture” every time, that robs photography of the place it once had. And it’s film photography that restores it.

    So why not film on your dark mornings to work? There’s a challenge. (Nice iPhone pics BTW) Is that Queen Elizabeth with the Corgi?

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    1. Yep, queen Lizzy !

      Why did I take the iPhone? Well I had 100ISO film loaded in my XA2… another bad point for film or so it might seem. But then film, for all it’s shortcomings is still the media that feels like real photography to me. Challenging, thrilling… even if I scan and post on the net.

      The digital do-it-alls don’t appeal to me. They give excellent results but I find them lacking somewhere.

      I was about with the Pentax MX


  2. Well, actually it’s not a “bad point” for film because if you stand process in RO9 then you can shoot the same roll all at different speeds, no need to push 🙂 The 100 film should be okay +2 stops over, maybe even +3 for a few frames test.

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