The Dark Tower

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  1. Okay, so here’s two references here, one Biblical, but the title is a reference to Conrad’s “The Heart of Darkness” or rather Kurtz in “Apocalypse Now”. So this picture is a communications tower (maybe was once an observation tower, a panopticon of sorts, but has been repurposed as one.. some possibilities there…). So it’s now a Tower of Babel. You see Dog knew that the people would conspire against authority if they were united, so scattered them abroad with different languages so they couldn’t talk with each other. But now they are all coming together again via the internet and phones – err using English as the lingua franca. (apologies for the pun there, Frank). Could also be a reference there to the dog in the previous post and err Brexit again. Hmm! Hope the quick interpretation makes for interest.

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    1. Wow again! In fact my references are much more low brow… Stephen King’s Dark Tower… though the communications tower of babel seems like a good idea! Thanks!


  2. I immediately thought of Rapunzel, which shows either my memory of childhood fairy tales, or my (over)exposure to Disney films, in this case the actually rather excellent Tangled.

    I like with the photograph that you included so much tree, it makes it very much more interesting, and the tower seem more mysterious.


  3. I like it! I find that many full frame photos in portrait orientation can stand some vertical cropping. Not so here.

    I wonder about the original purpose of the tower. The shape of the window openings suggests that it was not fortified.


    1. I’ll really look into the purpose of the thing. It’s called the Windmill but obviously it’s not working too well as such… My first guess is a water tower


  4. Frank, as it’s you corner of Europe have you any idea where and what the modernist building is in the woods Blanche video (last year’s Belgian Eurovision entry) Thanks.


      1. Thanks for the suggestion. Hmm, I’d say they’re from different decades though, the one in the Blanche video looks more of a 1960s or 1970s Brutalist architecture, it’s maybe a college or something. I’ll try and find out.


  5. Looking at the pictures again I’d say there’s two styles of architecture, the Flagey Building accounts for some of the stairwell etc interior shots, the others and the exterior are definitely another building. I’ll see what comes back from a couple of emails I sent and report back if I find out.


    1. Thanks, I’m interrested! The Flagey building is definitely Art Deco… and the exterior of the building in the video is definitely NOT. Bauhaus…?


  6. Frank, I found it 🙂 The 2017 Eurovision Blanche “City Lights” video was shot at the Collège du Christ-Roi, Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. It was built in 1965 and inspired by Le Corbusier. Other shots of the glass building in the video were in a new wing of the hospital which from the post code appears to be next door to it, the Center William Lennox. It is possible that some of the interior shots, as we were saying, were made in the Flagey Building and added later.


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