It’s Alive, Master!

Told you yesterday that the Pentax MX's light meter was acting up. Well I opened the bottom plate this morning and poked around under it a bit. There on the far right, below the big round thingamajick sits a double copper switch. This switch responds to three things. First the shutter lock around the shutter... Continue Reading →

Small Pleasures!

Why do I like my Leica IIIa, despite all it's shortcomings? It feels good, makes me want to make photos and above all it's quite compact for a pro-grade camera. Unlike my Spotmatic... But still it's not really pocketable, even the IIIa with the collapsible Summitar. Anyways, I like small cameras and specially the very... Continue Reading →

I’m lagging behind!

Those last months I have been seriously lagging behind with my photography. There's good and bad reasons behing that. First of course my foot surgery prevented me from running about making nice pictures. But it did not prevent me from writing posts. In fact, I have never posted as much as when I was sitting... Continue Reading →

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