Enchanted Forest

No words…

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  1. OK, spill the beans, that’s have the details… so what did you use Mr. Lehnen?

    Great colour and light.


  2. Oh my, I’m caught red handed….

    As I said it’s an enchanted forest… just appeared like this on my iPhone, with the Hipstamatic stuff.

    And to add to my crimes, there was no sun! I added the sunrays with Luminar.

    So it’s a 100% artificial contraption, never really happened. But yes, I think it’s not too bad. Might be true that the essence of photography is in the end product….

    Thanks anyways!


    1. Who knows, who knows. Yesterday I read one classic czech blog – guy is writing for 20 yeras or so. Anyway, he had same thoughts as in your comment.

      In his blog post he copared iphone shots – no filters vs with aplied filters.

      His conclusion was:

      “I feel embarrassed from all this. The photos with filters looks somewhat more appealing (catchy), but I am in disagreement a bit – Photo should be a photo and not a children coloring book.”

      I feel same as this sir.

      If you want to see his post – just to se those pictures. It is ni Czech: http://digineff.cz/clanek/fotografujeme/na-vylete-s-mobilem


      1. I liked his comparisons! Sure the photos with applied filters look more ‘catchy’ but in a way that Fuji Velvia looks more vibrant than Kodak Portra film.

        All a question of (bad?) taste in the end.

        But I admit that I went over the top with this photo. I was quite amazed at the way Luminar added those sun rays though.


  3. Frank, your photo is a long way from horribly overprocessed digital images that are rife online these days.

    Whilst I don’t like doing lots of post processing, and prefer to set up a camera so as far as possible I can use photos straight out of camera, any digital image is fair game for a bit of further digital tweaking.

    It’s when people spend a lot of time and effort digitally altering film photos I start to wonder what the point is… 🙂


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