First Street Photo

After stupidly selling my film camera in 2004 to buy a crappy Canon digital camera I just kept leaving my gear in it’s camera bag under my desk.

In 2012, the Fuji X100, though a digital camera, brought me back to film and that changed a lot. I started having a camera with me at all times. I started to exercise my eyes to see what the world offered around me.

Mornings before work were already my preferred moments to capture some views.

This particular scene just jumped at me!

Imagine a freezing January morning in 2013, about 7am. I see this very inebriated guy lying on the ground, trying to get up.

His only slightly less drunk pal approaches, after shouting at him to get up, and tries to give him a hand.

Takes some time, but finally they manage to get vertical and stagger off into the cold.

In fact, this photo was made on cheap Fuji color negative film and converted to black and white as color did not do anything to this.

For those interested the camera was a Canon AE-1 with the standard 50mm f:1.8 lens. No Olympus XA2 or Leica IIIa yet in those days.

This photo made me think about street photography. It made me think about being nervous sneaking shots of people. It made me think about my photography and how I could get better at it.

Followed over 5 years of mostly film photography.

Thank you very much for stopping by!

7 thoughts on “First Street Photo

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  1. Frank I think this remains one of your best photographs I’ve seen. Reminds me of when I look at photos I made with a Nikon Coolpix circa 2011 and realise they’re not much different to those I’m making today!


  2. Gudde Moien Här Lehnen,

    Ech fannen dës Foto richtig gutt, ech ka nëmmen staunen wéi oft Dir schon de richtige Moment op der richtiger Plaatz wart fir eng gutt Foto ze maachen….mee ob di heite Foto am Januar moies géint 7 am gemeet gouf woën ech awer ze bezweifelen, em déi Auerzäit ass et awer am Januar nach däischter…

    Bescht Gréiss a weider sou mat Äerem flotte Site,


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmmm, Alter as neischt Schéines!

      Dei Foto as bei mir op alle fall op de 4. Januar 2013 klasseiert an ech haat am Kapp et wär mueres virun der Schaff gewiescht. Op Alle Fall zu Iechternach op der Maartplaaz…

      Mee richteg, 7 Auer as daischter…. elo wees ech net mei…

      Digital as do mei einfach, do wär de Mystère seier geklärt.


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