My Grandmother

Some days ago I posted some street portraits.

Today I’d like to post another portrait, something I hardly ever do. Not the posting, but the making of portraits. I simply don’t see myself as a portrait photographer.

But that day I had the perfect model right in front of me and the light was right. For once I did not use one of my film cameras but my very nice digital Fuji X20 camera I owned at the time.

It was late summer in 2013. We were sitting in our garden. Me, my wife, my kids, my mother and my grandmother. Granny was feeling a little cold so we wrapped her up in a nicely patterned blanket.

And there was the photo, right in front of me. Ever smiling, the old lady obliged and I made the shot…EC424C54-E84E-4BD6-9172-EBFD51B214ED

She was 92 at the time! A long tough life.

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