My Grandmother

Some days ago I posted some street portraits.

Today I’d like to post another portrait, something I hardly ever do. Not the posting, but the making of portraits. I simply don’t see myself as a portrait photographer.

But that day I had the perfect model right in front of me and the light was right. For once I did not use one of my film cameras but my very nice digital Fuji X20 camera I owned at the time.

It was late summer in 2013. We were sitting in our garden. Me, my wife, my kids, my mother and my grandmother. Granny was feeling a little cold so we wrapped her up in a nicely patterned blanket.

And there was the photo, right in front of me. Ever smiling, the old lady obliged and I made the shot…EC424C54-E84E-4BD6-9172-EBFD51B214ED

She was 92 at the time! A long tough life.

End of september last year, Germaine, my grandmother passed away. She was 96 and right up until the last weeks she was reasonnably alert and mobile.

In this photo we can see her in about 1960, a lively gal indeed. To her right is her mother, my great-grandmother.121012 - Agfa Synchro Box - 3

I’m not grieving, not too much anyways as I know that she lived a long and good life. And everyone of us must make that final voyage one day.

I just wanted to do an hommage to a great lady.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. “Granny rules”
    My father’s mother certainly did, having raised four boys though the war, and by the time of retirement was a Sister and head of midwifery at the Queen mother Queen Elizabeth hospital in Ramsgate, Kent.
    Small boys and girls were treated with firm hand, you didn’t argue with her. There was something magical about her and her house in Broadstairs, all my late Grandfather’s clocks, her cooking, mealtimes were huge to me and Welsh cakes, she was born in Pontardawe, Wales. Thinking back now the house was like going back in time. Just ashame I wasn’t old enough to understand how to use a camera in those days.


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