I am a Serial Poster

For the last month I have posted each and every day.

Sometimes just a single photo and No Words…

A few longer pieces were among the haul too. Was it hard?

Not really!

With one or two exceptions I did not use drafts I had prepared. I have written each post on the spot. What I have noticed is that when I sit before my iPad and think for a moment, something will always pop up. Might be a photo or series of them I’d like to share, might be some subject I’ve been playing with the whole day.

Something will pop up. Now if it’s interresting or not… I’ll have to leave to you, dear readers.

Anyways, I posted every day and did not find it too tiresome.

Why did I do it? Basically I just felt like doing it. Nothing more. I had some urge to… perhaps try if I am up to it. Anyways it was NOT in order to get a whole load of visits and get my stats going. I’m trying to get off that bandwagon.0F9DF3D4-6D3E-4F53-9863-8A47CCDF7E8A

Did I bore you? Looking at the ‘likes’ and comments I got I don’t think so. Thanks for reading and commenting to the whole bunch of you!

Will I keep up with it? Less sure!

I did enjoy it a lot though and will try to post as often as I can!

How’s that for a dirty menace?

See you around soon!

11 thoughts on “I am a Serial Poster

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  1. Frank I thought you were posting more but didn’t realise it was every day. Well done for trying a different experiment.

    I did it too for a week, as you know, and liked it in many ways. But I think I would find longer term my length and quality of posts would suffer. I’d rather post every two or three posts and every post be worth waiting for, than churn something out every day just for the sake of keeping to a schedule.

    (As a fellow blogger I would say maybe spend a bit more time editing, in the version of the post in my email I saw five typos, which in a shortish post is quite a lot. I don’t know if you iPad is autocorrecting incorrectly? Just personally I think it impacts the flow of the writing, or rather the flow when I’m reading. If that makes sense!)


    1. You’re right! I was a bit tight on schedule for some posts (even tiny ones) and proof reading’s not my forte.

      I can re-read my stuff and never find and errors. Must be a world champion at hiding typos!

      I’ll slow it down now…


      1. Somehow it’s much harder seeing typos in our own writing. For me they tend to jump out in other people’s. I think because we’ve already read our own writing, as we were writing it, then we’re not coming to it fresh anymore, and each additional read through we become more blinded somehow.

        I’m sure typos still slip through in my writing all the tiem…

        It’s not a big deal but for some pernickety people (like me!) it does impact the overall perceived “quality” of the blog.

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