Morning Light!

I think I won’t tell you anything new when I say that my preferred time for making photos is early morning…


And of course when do I catch those moments best?

When I go to work of course. And my usual path does reveal new stuff ever so often! You don’t believe that a well known location can be of interrest?

Look again!


Anyways, the still low sun was bringing out the structures and colors in the park. A very slight haze lent a mysterious air to very common things.

So I delay my tome of arrival at work and walk slowly, looking everywhere. Will I find more stuff?


Banal stuff appears, but the light… the light is just right.


A magic tree, a fairy tree?


You might think this is the beginning of autumn… but no, it’s spring. Glorious, colorful spring.


Who tied this ribbon on the fence? No idea, but it makes a fine photo!

Of course, all is not nice and beautiful. There are still people who don’t know what a trashcan is for.


Thank you for accompanying me on my walk to work again.

6 thoughts on “Morning Light!

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  1. Like your images Frank.

    “still people who don’t know what a trashcan is for”

    We have that same problem here although the Foxes and Seagulls don’t help.

    In the UK we have clear up after your dog, so we have ‘Dog bins’ for doggy poo. It always amazes me why some people go to the trouble of clearing it up only to leave the bags of poo next to the bin, even though the bin is half empty!

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    1. I think that the same applies also in Luxembourg with the exception people here do not clean at all. They just leave the pile that their beast has made in the place where it was made. Like in the middle of park or street. The last thing is not very epidemic though because there are plenty of green areas. Like in front of my house where children could play but what neighbouring dog owners are using as a toilet for their pets.

      Cats are mostly free roaming and do their thing where ever they please. They are mostly safe, I have not seen a fox in my neighbourhood even when we have small forest close to our house (but I saw a deer there once). But there used to live one close to the European Investment Bank.

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      1. Over ten years ago when I was working on Kirchberg we saw rabbits just across the street every day…. just concrete there nowadays


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