Beautiful Spring in Luxembourg

A view over the rooftops and parks of Luxembourg City in this gorgeous spring weather we have at the moment.

Thunderstorms, inundations and hot, very humid weather.

I guess climate change is just fake news, no?

We’ve never had such a series of calamitous weather since they hammered some weather forecasts into rocks.

I was at the dentists today (yes I should go more often, but I always wait until it really hurts before making an appointment), and his place is on the 10th floor in the city center. Gorgeous view out of the waiting room window!

By the way, a 10th floor in Luxembourg is like the top of a skyscraper in New York. We see things smaller over here šŸ˜‰

The building in the second photo is a four star hotel. Looks crappy from above, but really class from street level.

What’s amazing from this high up is that there’s so much green in Luxembourg city.

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2 thoughts on “Beautiful Spring in Luxembourg

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  1. Been enjoying lovely weather in Perth, Scotland too. I think I am going to have to start leaving for work earlier, especially when I’m on an early shift. Mind you sun is currently rising around 0430!! A camera is always with me but I never leave myself enough time. I also only have a 5 – 8 minute walk. I think a detour is in order!!! Amazing how even mundane buildings can take on a new lease of life in appropriate light. By the way Frank is this a municipal building or are you on the right side of Luxembourg law enforcement with Hotels?

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    1. The building in the first photo is a bank, the second oneā€™s the hotel.

      And detours are the secret to early morning photos…. though 4:30 is hard


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