Menacing Weather in Romania

I spent two days in Romania last week. Unfortunately I had no time for ‘real’ photography and the iPhone had to serve as my camera.

I think it did it’s job admirably.8F2F7703-51CB-4E28-8A41-6A2AC69FCFE3.jpeg

Here I was on a mountain road in the north of Romania. Magnificent landscapes spread as far as I could see. All under a very menacing sky. In fact five minutes later I found myself in a monstrous downpour with hardly any visibility at all.

The landscape is in fact stunning. No image tweaking was necessary to get these gorgeous colours.49970EF2-EEA2-433E-8A56-A4610783BC69

Nothing like the light just before some major rain. Beats even the so called ‘golden hour’ in my opinion.


Of course I spent some time in the major northern city on Cluj-Napoca too but more of that soon.

For the moment I want to remain in the countryside. At 1200m (3500 ft) elevation. Hills, meadows, free ranging cows as far as you can see. With some small villages perching on the crests or in the valleys.02AEC918-EED3-4645-B551-2ADBA82459BD

I just wonder how they manage in winter under heavy snow at minus 25° C (-13° F)…

When I was there of course it was not cold. A balmy, humid average of 28°C (82° F)

I sincerely regret that I did not have more time to explore this great country. But some time very soon I’ll return and I’ll manage to have more time for photography.A7F7E5C5-1195-47DE-A589-F67AA6D0F2C2

Thanks for accompanying me on my trip!

13 thoughts on “Menacing Weather in Romania

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  1. Knowing you where going to Romania, and presumably you weren’t taken against your will, (unless of course you were dragged by your ear lobe by Mrs Lehnen over there!) why on earth didn’t you take a camera, even your Olympus XA2 would of done the job admirably!?

    Good images.


    1. In fact I had my Leica and XA2 with me (but left back at the hotel….). Well, circumstances made that I did not use them. And I quite enjoyed the iPhone results to be honest.

      Now I could have said that I had no space for cameras in my bag with all that garlic I had to take to fend off vampires but that’s just a bad story.

      More on this soon…

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  2. My recent iPhone continues to surprise me, it usually gets the job done. Sometimes the results surpass my “real” cameras, much to my dismay. The best 200 dollars I have spent in a good long time. Your pictures are very nice, looks like a lovely spot.

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  3. I believe Romania is now the most unspoilt country in Europe & is high up on my hit list of places to visit before it sees too big a change. Thanks for the photos which add to my appetite to get there.

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    1. Definitely worth it! The city of Cluj-Napoca is a perfect mix of communist past, historic heritage and struggle for modernity. And quite clean!

      But the countryside, at least the north is stunning!


  4. Some remarkable detail in these images Frank, I would interested to see how a decent size print (say 800x600mm?) would look. I expect an 8×6 inch print would be very detailed.

    I would encourage you to try Snapseed at some point, it’s very accessible whether you just want to crop or adjust contrast and brightness, or do something more radical like creating a more vintage style look or double exposures.

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