Thoughts on Travelling

During my recent short trip to Romania I had some thoughts about modern travel.

All the photos in this post are from a former life…. perhaps one day I’ll tell you about it.

Herded through check in, safety control, border check. Now on to the queue at the boarding gate and into a hopelessly cramped plane.

Then after landing, the same ordeal in reverse.

Shouldn’t the flight itself be already a part of your trip, a bit more enjoyable than two and a half hours of sitting in a cramped economy class seat, the guy in front endlessly moving his seat back, each time banging your knees….71E169A2-D69F-4130-B01B-413D332E6B85.jpeg

Utterly crappy way to travel but I can’t pay for business class or first class seats…

I played some mind game about travel a hundred plus years ago… arriving by coach at some harbor, mounting the gangway to your ship, twirling your walking stick and taking possession of some nicely appointed cabin. And starting to enjoy the trip. And looking forward to the whole duration of your voyage.

Slow, deliberate travel.03F5FC11-92F5-4224-BE1C-3AE853760C8A.jpeg

Life was certainly not perfect back then, but definitely easier and slower. And more enjoyable. Or rather you took the time to enjoy it. You had choices and you could arrange everything to your taste. Nowadays you have to run with the herd. You’re at the mercy of the system. No way around that unless you’re filthy rich and can afford a better way to travel.

sure there were differences in travel back then too. If you were part of the upper class you could afford comfort but it was not as disproportionate as today. Travelling third class in the bottom of a ship must have been like modern travel, only longer.82686C32-D029-40F7-8A01-D59FD21CC9DB

Why is it that the older you get the better the past looks to you? Must be some wiring in the brain going rotten!

Or was it really better?



Less choices?

More life?

What are your thoughts on travel, life and everything?

Thanks for hearing me out.

11 thoughts on “Thoughts on Travelling

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  1. Age thing, think your right the past does look better, simpler for me too. Maybe that’s why I prefer to use an all manual mechanical film camera now. I use a simple car, I drive a eight year old VW Polo, with very little electronics in it and to add to that I don’t like crowds anymore, loud noise, and the everyone wants the latest products, must haves or fashions. My 84 year old father says, he’s seen the best of it, meaning the 1950’s to the early 1980’s and he’s probably right. Yes, I’ll agree the technology is great for some things, but a real pain in other ways. Like my employer want me to have an ‘App’ on my phone so I can book time off… SERIOUSLY? Didn’t like to them I don’t always carry the mobile or have the damn thing switched on!
    Flying, I’m afraid to say that since 9/11 incident I don’t, and just put me off from ever flying. Also with the stories I hear from people that do fly, drunken passengers, suicidal pilots, long delays, or parties, screaming kids or just general unsociable behaviour I’d rather drive everywhere I can than rely on someone else to taken us there. Perhaps I’m boring, becoming an old fart, but to me It’s not your brain going rotten, I think our parents, grandparents thought the same, it is just life.

    “All the photos in this post are from a former life…. perhaps one day I’ll tell you about it”

    Frank, I hate to tell you this, but it’s common knowledge that’s not your real name and you where an international mafia crime boss before your came here. 😀

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  2. My wife and I are taking an unavoidable short flight next month. I am not looking forward to it. With luck it will be the last time I get on an airplane.

    We are fortunate that all of our other destinations are accessible by rail. We particularly enjoy our trips to Florida. We book a bedroom in a sleeper car and take our meals in the dining car. It’s expensive but it’s really our only extravagance these days.


  3. Frank, I rarely travel by plane (only twice in my life) and our family holidays are usually in the UK. As a kid our family rarely went on holiday as we couldn’t afford it and I grew up like that so never really missed it. My wife however holidayed at least once a year with her family, and usually abroad, so it’s “normal” for her. The compromise between us (me – stay at home, her – somewhere hot with a beach and pool) is picturesque areas of the UK like South Wales or Dorset or Cumbria. Long car journeys, but at least you can stop when and where you want, and we avoid the motorways generally for a more picturesque and quieter route.

    I’d love to get a camper or day van, but funds don’t currently allow. And I’m not sure a family of four in a camper for a week is like to be quite so idyllic in practice as it is in my head!

    Your phrase “Nowadays you have to run with the herd” rings true for most things today, and I generally try to not so much run against the herd but avoid it altogether.

    I really like your second photo especially, and how the clouds mirror the shape of the clouds. In fact all four layers – sky, trees, sea, rocks – seem very harmonious and pleasing to the eye. Excellent composition, and great to see more nature in your images.

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  4. Gudde Mëtteg Här Lehnen,

    Ech sin 100% mat Eech averstanen a mat dem wat Dir do schreiwt, Reesen, zemools mam Fliiger, ass haut, och fir mech, pure Stress! Emmer di Hetzereien, dann och nach mat Valise, Posch, Handgepäck asuweider, ech sin all Kéiers geschlaucht wann ech ukommen, egal ob an der Vakanz oder erem doheem.
    Zeit ass Geld, leider haut méi wi jee!
    Ech hat di grouss Chance virun e puer Joer eng Rees mat den Hurtigruten a Norwegen ze maachen, 11 Deeg um Schëff, vun Hafen zu Hafen. E Genoss kann ech Eech soën, wa nit souguer di entspaanteste Rees déi ech jemols gemeet hun!.
    Ech hun och schon Reesen mam Auto gemeet, mee di aner Automobilisten wëssen jo nit dass ech an der Vakanz sin an och mol eppes well ennerwee gesin, oder mol stallhalen fir eng Foto ze maachen. Da gett getuut a gedrängelt wéi wann et kee Muer méi géif. Ech denken mol einfach dass mir (mir 2 hu jo deselwechten Alter) nach an enger Zäit opgewues sin wou et nach méi roueg a mi lues zougung, a wou mer och nach nit zu sou dacks op der Welt an zu Lëtzebuerg waren…an et keen Internet a keng App’en goufen, a keen Handy wou een haut säi ganzt Liewen kann drop géréieren wann ee wëllt…ech nit :-), a mir et dofir als sou stresseg empfannen. Da kënnt leider och nach derbäi dass haut bal kee méi Manéieren huet a frëndlech ass, Frechheit siegt!.
    Schued dass een haut (bal) nit méi ka soën: “Der Weg ist das Ziel”, dass d’Vakanz schon virun der Hausdier mam Reesen ufänkt an och rem doheem ophält…

    Bescht Gréiss,

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