Black and White Streets

Some think that bright sun is good for colours. I don’t hold with that rule. I prefer black and white in bright sun to bring out the lines, the light and shadows and the structures. So accompany me on a walk during my lunchbreak if you like. Speaking of strong lines, all those new buildings... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Spring in Luxembourg

A view over the rooftops and parks of Luxembourg City in this gorgeous spring weather we have at the moment. Thunderstorms, inundations and hot, very humid weather. I guess climate change is just fake news, no? We've never had such a series of calamitous weather since they hammered some weather forecasts into rocks. I was... Continue Reading →

Morning Light!

I think I won’t tell you anything new when I say that my preferred time for making photos is early morning... And of course when do I catch those moments best? When I go to work of course. And my usual path does reveal new stuff ever so often! You don’t believe that a well... Continue Reading →

I am a Serial Poster

For the last month I have posted each and every day. Sometimes just a single photo and No Words... A few longer pieces were among the haul too. Was it hard? Not really! With one or two exceptions I did not use drafts I had prepared. I have written each post on the spot. What... Continue Reading →

My Grandmother

Some days ago I posted some street portraits. Today I’d like to post another portrait, something I hardly ever do. Not the posting, but the making of portraits. I simply don’t see myself as a portrait photographer. But that day I had the perfect model right in front of me and the light was right.... Continue Reading →

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