Life is what happens while you’d like to do other stuff!

Or as some people might say, sh… happens!

I’ve made myself scarce those last days and weeks. Just the occasional ‘No Words’ photo, nothing important, nothing that took me too long… and made me think too much.

Am I lazy?

Sure, as much as you like! But it’s rather that life has reared it’s ugly head again with all the unpleasant stuff that tends to assault you from time to time.

We have started to have a new house built. Health continues to be some background worry, and money, well it’s been an ongoing thing for the last years….

Add to that the usual life-related stuff as a totally understaffed workplace with ever growing attendance by the public and you get a nice explosive cocktail that just kills your urge to make photos…. unfortunately.

So today there’s only reheated photos from days, months and years ago. A quick walk through my life.

And if anyone has the fail-proof recipe to make me go out during my (ever shorter) lunch break or on weekends to make photos, speak up please!

Thanks for bearing with me!

9 thoughts on “Life is what happens while you’d like to do other stuff!

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  1. Lazy, I think that sometimes too, and it’s because I work permanent nights. Motivation, go out, have a walk, get some exercise and carry a camera. Your lucky, you get a lunch break, I don’t get that chance. So whenever I can go out, at weekends, holidays, out with the dog, shopping with the wife or even seeing relatives I always have a camera with me but I don’t always take pictures when I’m out and about, after all there is no rule!

    Also I have a two photo projects on the go, when ever I see something related I will take it, even if it doesn’t hit the mark. One project is dogs, the other I’m doing is people at work. Both I have been on going for the last four years.

    I think it’s a case of motivation.

    P.S. if your giving up photography, and thinking about taking up knitting, can I have first refusal on your Leica? 😀

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    1. If ever that happens you can have it…. but I guess I won’t take up knitting…. at least I hope!

      Motivation seems to be the key. But there has to be a will behind. A project might help.

      Thanks for the advice

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  2. I envy people for whom photography is a way to relax or clear the head. Unfortunately, it does not work for me like that (maybe it did in the past, I don’t know). When I am restless or having some health issues, photography just seems to intensify the stress. Especially randomly walking around, hoping to get “something”. Just limiting myself to moments when I am pretty sure something interesting will pop up – like an event – or working on a specific series, that helps. But sometimes I think: it’s just time for a photography break. And there is nothing wrong with that.

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      1. But discipline – that makes it sound like work 🙂
        I do not want that anymore. When I was still active on platforms like Instagram and Tumblr, I felt the utterly idiotic “obligation” to produce content. Taking pictures for the sake of taking pictures. Now I only want to play around with photography if it feels good. In the pre-internet era it occasionally happened that I did not take one single picture for a year. Nobody noticed or cared, because no one followed what you were doing (or not doing). Somehow, I want to go back to that way of thinking.

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      2. You are wise! There was not that urge to show off stuff! True!

        But there were much less possibilities to engage in great conversations and get good (and bad) feedback.

        Now it’s true that life was simpler back then. Why not simply take a break instead of feeling forced to produce photos? But then again without work and discipline you can’t improve your vision and your results…

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      3. Of course. It’s not that I want to turn back the clock. I just want to set my own pace in terms of photography again – there are already too many things in life that are mandatory.

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