Brave New World…

Some things just take up too much of our attention I guess.

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  1. I worked in the hospitality industry for a while, in the pre-smartphone era. Even then, I saw couples in the restaurant dining for hours and barely talking to each other. There is a lot of loneliness in quite a few relationships – it just manifests itself in a different way today, I guess.

    (I do hope the kid in the pram did not have its own phone yet 🙂 )

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    1. Nice thought for the kid…

      All this is just an expression of the universal loneliness of modern humans. We are never more alone as when we are in company.
      Loneliness or egotism?

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      1. And unfortunately, “social” media will not help to reduce this universal loneliness. On the contrary – I read too many stories about teenagers who become depressed or sometimes commit suicide, just because they are ignored online, have fewer likes or followers on Instagram than their “friends” or classmates, or get a lot of negative attention (cyberbullying).

        I am glad that I grew up in a time that was much easier in many ways.

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  2. This is why I bought a new Nokia dumb Phone and only check my Smartphone once a day and leave it at home.

    Smartphones are the cigarettes of the 21st century.

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  3. Frank, I think you should start a competition for the photo with the most people staring into their cameras in one place. Five is pretty easy to manage. How about ten or more?

    The same could be had for selfies sticks, known here in Germany also as a Vollpfostenantenne (idiot antenna) or a Deppenzepter (moron sceptre). It is always fun to photograph such narcissists. In any tourist city they can be found in droves.

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    1. Love that! Vollpfostenantenne and Deppenzepter are absolutely fitting descriptions!

      At least those Vollpfosten won’t get problems with GDPR regulations as their Arschgesichter are the main subject of their photos.

      Good idea for a photo project…


  4. I must admit when I saw the title of this post and the picture I saw the baby and thought you meant how having a baby is a brave new world, and takes up an unbelievable amount of time and attention. Everyone else seems to be talking about the couple both being on their phones. Guess that’s an example of the subjective nature of photography!

    Frank, talking of things that take up our attention, where’ve you been lately? You went from posting every day, to only (it seems) once a week or less?

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    1. I guess everyone interprets a photo differently… or my photo was simply not good…. a real possibility!

      And yep, I’m not in the loop for the moment. Totally submerged by a nasty thing called life. Photography has taken a back seat though I carry a camera in my bag every day to work… but I don’t take it out. I see stuff that would make a decent photos but can’t bring myself to grab the camera. Some rare iPhone shots only the last weeks, I’m afraid.

      Burn out, depression… I hate those words and always considered myself above those things. Just a silly excuse to stay away from work. Might one day change my opinion on that…


      1. No I think a good photo offers the viewer room for interpretation, and to make it their own, like a good song, or story, or anything else artistic.

        Sorry to hear about your current state Frank. Take care of yourself. Maybe a break from photography will help you return refreshed? What else can you do that you love doing and is an escape from life?

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      2. Some quiet time to think and act on life would be welcome…. but for the next months I don’t see that happening.

        There’s some hope in the future though… keeps me going until now. The old light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel routine 😉


  5. Sometimes one has to grant oneself furlough and have a think… having a project of some sort is a good idea.

    On selfies it’s not that it is a new phenomenon. But what is new is the fact that everyone now has a camera in their pocket connected to so-called social media, it’s easy to do and with no cost involved. What is perhaps more interesting are the consequences of this with regard to not what one can now make pictures of but what it is not permissible to make pictures of.

    Anyway, I thought this might be of interest viz digitising negatives using camera rather than scanner:-

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    1. I like that:

      « but what it is not permissible to make pictures of « 

      Seems like the easier technology makes it for anyone to make photos, the harder it gets to cope with restricting laws…

      Thanks for the scanning links. Very interesting!

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