When I visit another country….

…I mostly see the same things I see at home.

Of course, here in København there are different things but photographically, I search for the same subjects.

Of course, changing one’s location does not change one’s view on the world. So I guess it’s only natural. What’s great is of course that a new city offers new corners to explore and new people to make photos of.

But in the end I stay true to myself and I just can’t pass those store mannequins.

And those colorful clothes displayed in the shops.

The one I like the most from today’s afternoon is the next one. Of course I don’t have any merit in the setup. I just came upon the dark shop with that one ray of light illuminating the two ‘subjects’.

Is this art? Or just being in the right place at the right time and taking advantage of someone else’s work? Or is that precisely art? Seeing the right thing?

Here it is!

I don’t know what you think but I like it! And that’s the point in my photography, to do something I really like with results I really like.

By the way, did you notice that there is not one black and white photo in this series?

And that there is only digital stuff…. I must be getting old!

Thank you for visiting!

5 thoughts on “When I visit another country….

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  1. Frank, sounds like you’re just simplifying and getting back to photographing what you enjoy most, in the way you like doing it, regardless of any b/w versus colour, digital versus film or any other arguments. Good advice for all of us!

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