Guarding the Guards…

Man, they carried machine guns and swords. Do they really need police to guard them?

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  1. They need protection from angry vegan cyclists! If I was on my way into work and a bunch of silly guards with dead bears on their heads were walking along in the cycle path, I’d be pretty annoyed!

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    1. Ha, well seen! I hadn’t noticed as in Luxembourg cycle paths are mostly unknown and when present are used as handy parking spaces. No raging cyclists there!

      As for the dead bear hats… well, they are mostly old and from a time when bears and men fought for survival.

      Loved your comment!

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      1. I don’t actually tend to get too angry about bike paths with cars in as I tend to cycling in the road anyway. Bristol can be pretty bad for cycle paths. They acutally plant trees in them here! A lot of angry ‘bike path’ cyclists in Bristol, for good reason. haha.

        I really need to go to Luxembourg. It seems like an interesting place to take photos in terms of the buildings.

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  2. Ass et dann nit d’Garde déi op d’Police oppasst 😉

    Objiddefall eng schéin witzeg Foto, an Dir wart dee richtege Moment op der richteger Plaatz!

    Schéine Weekend,


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