Color… there really was no choice!

For once I’m happy I did not carry a film camera with a pocket full of black and white film. Of course I could have taken color film, but well, you know it’s hard to chose once a camera is loaded up.

So I was happy to carry my digital camera (yes, a digital camera… me!) and to be able to make the most out of the vistas here in København.

We were terribly lucky to be here in wonderful september sunshine.

Of course these photos are straight out of camera – jpeg files as I don’t want to mess with RAW and stuff like that. When using digital I like m photography as simple as possible. With film it’s tough enough, so digital must really stay easy.

As I said, the colors here are omnipresent. I fact this city is the most colorful and the most relaxed city I’ve ever visited. No one’s in a hurry, everything works slowly but surely. Even the many tourists seem to be infected by this virus and stay quite unobtrusive.

If you’re looking harder, you find a lot of little passages, nooks and crannies that offer great subjects for photography. And always there are colors that really please the eyes.

Honestly, my feet hurt from walking those last three days. We covered most of the centre of the city on foot, lots of places several times.

Honestly, København is a city worth a visit… if only it was not that expensive. Food is great, the beer is excellent, but the prices are incredibly high…. Is this a result of taxation or just because this is a tourist trap? I don’t know but don’t be put off by this. You can still find some moderately priced fare in some small places and live frugally on marinated Herring and Beer all the while profiting from the gorgeous views.

You can even become a wildlife photographer here, all this with a 22.5mm lens… But more of that in a later post.

Thanks for reading!

11 thoughts on “Color… there really was no choice!

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  1. Sometimes color is an essential characteristic of a photographic subject. Your København pictures are an excellent example. When I encounter a subject like that I take the picture with my iPhone, which I always have with me when I am out with one of my film cameras loaded with black and white.

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  2. Lovely shots, particularly the ones with the boats.

    I actually missed using my digital cameras yesterday so might have to take one out for a spin next week!

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